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I had this body shell left since using the chassis and interior on a uscp golf wagon. Since our build this month is car based trucks and vans I thought I'd use the body to build the van version. I dont have a front screen for this as its earmarked for the wagon. Instead I will be using the front glass from a bmw compact kit. The chassis I am using is from a tamiya alfa coupe kit, and I'll be using the majority of its engine too, but modified to ressemble a vw 1.8t. I was originally going to use the fujimi engine plate to build up a vr6 but I'll save those parts for a mk2 to build later. I think most of the rear suspension is going to be from the revell mk2 kit but I'm undecided on the front, so I might have to make something myself but i have to make airbags anyway. I'm also using the cage from the bmw compact as its a pretty close fit only needing a little stretch above the doors. Since I am going for a show car style with this the engine bay has been cleaned/shaved/smoothed so only the engine, gearbox and brake cylinder will be in it. For the engine bay i glued the outside edges of the fujimi plate to the alfa chassis so everything was in its place then started the mods. I've also started the body mods to turn it into a 3 door and while I really should reshape the rear window a little i think I'll leave it as is so I can keep the trim detail around the window as it shows on the vans. I moved the entire rear window and front door handle back 6 mm











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Got some more done on the engine this afternoon. I made up the turbo manifold from a couple of matching headers from a v8 kit and used one of the small hobby design turbos. For the air intake for the turbo I used a corner from a sprue and a hobby design cone filter. If you look closely at the pic from the top you can see the turbo outlet is hitting the firewall so my plan to fix that is to trim and angle the outlet. The second pic shows how little room there is behind the engine for the pipe to the intercooler (hobby design again) as it has to go over the driveshaft and then fit between the engine and side of the bay. Hopefully this wont be too bad to build as the inlets for the cooler stick into the engine bay instead of out the sides like the others I have. I have a header set from a drag car that will be providing the pipes for this as they are the diameter I need for this and since they all twist in different ways I might be lucky and some of them fit with just a little trimming. I should probably say that other than the grille and lights (not yet shown) anything resin will be hobby design parts. The induction on the front of the engine uses the tamiya pipes but the rest is scratchbuilt and still in progress



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So this hasn't left my bench, but I've been working most night since october on a boat so progress halted. When i last worked on it i realised i'd managed to mix detail on the engine between the 1.8t and the tfsi engines so I'll be redoing the head and trying to save other parts. Today I added some extra plastic to the bay sides to remove some gaps and give me somewhere to glue it to the body. I also got the body a bit closer and will give it a light prime to help see where it needs more work .





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