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4 hours ago, Claude Thibodeau said:


Looking at the color of your fine beverage... I see where your pick of color for the Deuce came from! 


Haha....Glad you caught on that. 
See, the Delivery Deuce I wanted to be a Bourbon Delivery, but I couldn’t get what I wanted in terms of decals and such, so it became a laundery van. LOL

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4 hours ago, mrm said:

Haha....Glad you caught on that. 
See, the Delivery Deuce I wanted to be a Bourbon Delivery, but I couldn’t get what I wanted in terms of decals and such, so it became a laundery van. LOL

Well... the bootleggers who distilled and carried Bourbon during the prohibition were doing so much money... They surely neede another delivery to go "lauder" their truckload of money, no? Both are related, in a way!


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Thank you both Alan and Claude.

The engine was next on my to do list. Started with some Photoetched nuts and bolt details.



The carb was plumbed with the help from some turned aluminum fittings and some Pro-Tech braided wire. 



After the ignition coil was installed, came time for the upper radiator hose. Aluminum fittings again, but the braided line is from Detail Master. I thought I don't have any of Pro-Tech's line, but after I installed this I found my Pro-Tech second stash. Oh well.....



Next, the throttle linkage was made, for which I had to first make some return springs from super thin wire, which I pulled from the core of the wire I used for my spark plug boots.





And on the engine, where you can also see the breather I scratchbuilt.



The other side of the carb.



Air filter and bottom radiator hose connected.



And the engine is officially in the chassis with the plumbing connected. You can kind of see that every bolt head on the radiator is represented by a photoetched part. I forgot to take pictures while I was doing them.



Before the engine compartment is done, I still need to install the starter, oil filter, belts with accessories, headers and the radiator cap. 

At hat point, the model would have over 65 photoetched and 20 machined aluminum pieces and counting. And the original idea was a simple build.......LOL

Thanks for looking and stay tuned. 

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  • 2 years later...

I just discovered this thread for the first time and read through the entire thread.  I am chuckling at your original intention of keeping it a simple build.  Your attention to detail and craftsmanship is nothing short of inspiring.  I do enjoy how you have your family engaged in your projects as you make various aesthetic  choices.   Hoping to see more of this project soon!

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Thank you everyone.

On 11/24/2021 at 8:09 PM, chris chabre said:



Hope you don't mind me posting this...

I started playing mock up with my Drag City  chopped moredoor. 




I have one of these bodies too, which I am planning on building fenderless. 

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On 11/24/2021 at 5:11 PM, falcon wagon said:

So Ed Fluck of drag casting resin makes this body 

Negative, ghost rider.....LOL

I have one of his bodies and it is different in many ways. Mainly that the Drag City body is chopped and this one is not. 


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At the end of this month there is a show in Chattanooga and I have every intention to attend it. Therefore I am determined to finish at least three of my group of a dozen or so models that I've been working on and off on for the past decade almost. This project is definitely one of them. 

So today I prepped the headers, which were sprayed metallic black, before receiving a coat of Molotow chrome. The engine belt and pulleys are ready to go on too. 



Meanwhile I am facing a dilemma. should I use the stock exhaust and mufflers or go all out with the solder and machined aluminum. Honestly, when mocked up, these mufflers somehow don't look right under there, which makes me ask myself if "less is more" is the right approach here. What do you guys think?

The driveshaft is ready to go in too.



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My dilemma with mixing in machined aluminum parts on a mostly otherwise plastic model is that’s exactly what it looks like. Especially larger pieces. Thing is every glass packed muffler I’ve ever seen comes painted. Look at “Smithy” mufflers. They come in a light metallic blue and Tamiya TS58 is a really good match. Paint them and they’ll blend in nicely. 😎

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4 hours ago, Bullybeef said:

I’m in awe of the detail! 

Yup, Roger that. The detail is insane and the paint work is breathtaking.  The off- beat sedan/family car idea is not seen very often in scale. It's quite refreshing 🤩

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Well, the exhaust is solved. After many different scenarios and quite few mock ups, I settled on something that I believe I'm happy with. This should be just loud enough without being obnoxious for a family hot rod. Very clean and simple in tune with today's trends. 


I started by cutting the mufflers from the Foose pickup and grilling holes where the exhaust goes in and out. For the pipes I'm using solder. 



Next I sanded the mufflers smooth and wrapped them in BMF. I added just short pieces of solder for exhaust tips, which I curved and the end and then drilled.



I cut up a pin to make exhaust attachments and got some photo etched nuts to detail them. After they were installed you can't see anything, but oh, well...I know it's there.



The front portion of the exhaust was also made from solder and attached to the headers, which really tested my patience. making everything perfectly curved to match all desired angles w a major PITA. It all worked out good at the end tho. 



I forgot to clean up a sink mark right by one of the air bag mounts, which I just noticed. The solution? Make an access panel and play with photo etched screws, which are the size of a pinhead. Getting these suckers off that rubber backing is an exercise in self control. You just breath wrong and they are gone somewhere never to be found again. 



I thought a couple of them flew away, but miraculously I found them, which left me with extras. So a second panel was made. Why not? I think it looks cool. That brings the photo etched pieces count to somewhere about 75 so far. 



Other than the shocks and some touch ups, the underside of this bad boy is finally done. 



Stay tuned and thanks for looking. 

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