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Drilled 32 ford axle

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Ed, it really is pretty easy. First find the center point of the axle and the outer most points you want to go to on the axle. Then keep spliting the difference to make the spacing even and so you have the same amount of holes on each side. Find the right bit depending on the width of the recess in the I-beam that will look right. But before drilling the final size holes, I drill smaller pilot holes so my final bit size doesn't wander. You could practice on a scrap piece of styrene to get comfortable with drilling the holes before doing  on your kit.

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Just a word of caution...unless you have a semi-special bit that's not going to split the plastic, you'll be far safer drilling your holes WAY UNDERSIZED and filing them to final diameter.

These little plastic axles have very little strength, and they're brittle. If you use a final-size drill bit, the odds are very good you'll break the axle as the bit punches through the backside.

Drill considerably undersized, then open the holes up CAREFULLY with files. Tapered round files will work, but with the caveat below.

Another warning...most round files have teeth cut on a bias. If you try to "screw" the file into the hole clockwise, it will also dig in and break your little axle.

Twirling the file counterclockwise will avoid this, though it will cut much slower.

I also recommend you get a set of these little files made for torch tips. The teeth are cut straight.





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