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1972 Monte Carlo Bobby Alisson Coca-Cola 1/25 AMT


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Hello, everyone. Construction from a box of only added sheets, a grille of a cooler mask, tailpipes and bonnet locks. I didn't find this kit of slightly worse quality easy to build. But it was mostly my clumsiness. I still have to learn to work with the gold metalism. Otherwise, the real draft is one of my favorites.











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On 10/16/2019 at 7:49 PM, Jim N said:

Thank you so much to all the guys for the nice words ! :-)

You did a great job with it.  As I recall, these kits tend to sit a bit high, and you have the stance of yours low where is should be.

Hi Jim. Yes, after being assembled according to instructions and putting the wheels on steel bars in both axles, it was as high as Off- Road. The sticks went into the bin and I stuck the wheels on the solid deeper to give it the appropriate height. This happens often, and it never goes forward to estimate exactly how much height it will take to reduce. That's what I always do, and ultimately on the finished model, and it's always a very delicate thing not to damage the model. Now, for example, I'm working (among other things) on the MPC's 1978 PEPSI Chevelle, and I'm also concerned that the car will probably be too high. It's a terrible kit, by the way.


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