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Fuso Super Great Airport Catering Truck 1/24

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First of all, thank you for the nice comments and interest in this project guys!


On 5/29/2020 at 5:09 AM, peteski said:

Your attention to even the smallest details is amazing Hermann!

Once the model is finished and properly photographed, it would almost certainly pass for the 1:1 truck.  The only thing that looks like a model part is the tires.  They they just look like model tires to me.  I think that the soft rubber tires used in Revell Can-Do truck (and probably other models) would look more realistic.

Yes Peter, you are absolutely right, but it didn't pay attention to it....."yet", later i was just checking which tires fit this truck the most, and I ended up with the Italeri truck tires.

At the first i thought the AMT tires from the Freightliner kit would do the job, but I was still not satisfied, then the Kenworth tires from the Papa Truck, and still not really wow.

With these tires that I have mounted now I think it is the best fit with this truck.


Ok guys, the first part of the wiring is done....





Then the warning plates on the Under Ride Protection bar and I painted the rubber at the end of the big step in a rubber looking paint, which is done with Revell black-anthracite nr.9.




Then the new tires, which I think it will fit this truck the most.




As you all can see, the scissor lift is also in a black gloss paint and is already mounted on the chassis.






It is not a spectacular update, but slowly this Fuso will grow.;)

That's it for today and see you next round!








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Yes Peter, I'm also more satisfied with these tires.


Today some small details of the wiring and the rubber wheel chocks.

The wiring of the brakes and the air suspension of the rear axles are done now, this is done with electric wires for electric model railway.

Normally I use 3 different sizes to get these wiring job done.




Then I made with polystyrene the big wheel chocks and connect a pair with a lead fishing wire.

This lead fishing wire has a nylon jacket that you can slide off and if you spray this silver, you have a fuel pipe that looks like a reinforced tube.






I left this nylon jacket for these wheel chocks.
So you see again that stuff from a fishing store has various useful things for model building,
such as various sizes of fishinglead for weighting models, and rubber tubes in various thicknesses, which are cheaper per meter or inch than in a hobby shop.

Then a overall picture so far, together with the support for the floor plate of the Van-Body.






Edited by Hermann Kersten
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Hello everyone,


Today the start of the Van-Body.

After viewing the PDF of Doll GSE, it turned out that I was quite good in terms of sizes, this means that with the length of the catering box, in this category, I had enough lenght and the height would also be quite right.

The Van-Body itself is 2400mm high and on the chassis together with the scissor lift I get pretty much  the sizes of Doll ..... how is it possible :o, and this while I determine the length and height of the chassis with scissor lift when I did not yet had the Doll-GSE PDF.
Well, even a few pictures from the very beginning of this box ...





And the maximum height.....





The support is now also more detailed, and the position on the chassis is now also known.






Then the square taillights from KFS with the self-made black housings on the back and a license plate on the holder.
This license plate is an aluminum plate from an Aoshima set, of which I bought a set at the time, painted this white, decal on it and then varnished with Vallejo varnish for the metallic look.




The reversing lights are attached under the foot board ....





And with the Van-Body down.....






Yeah guys, the start is made and now I have still a lot to do for the movable parts on the Van-Body, like the rear roller door, at the front the movable floor plate with an extendable part and the 4 doors, 2 for closing and 2 doors for extending to protect the walk bridge from falling down.

Enough to do but I will come back to that later, step by step.;)

That's it for today and see you next round!








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Hello everyone!


Yeah, today some more progress, some small things and some big things.

These days I'm very busy with the Van-Body,

Now I don't pin myself on 1 specific box, because with the JAL / TFK group there are many different types of Van-Body's, older and newer.
This Fuso is mainly one of the earlier versions that was and is active at the Jal / TFK group.

First I made the rails of the front, in which the movable floor plate will hang.
This was built around 3.2mm brass profiles, so that this job is done nicely and above all, absolutely straight.




Then the reinforcement strips on the corners of the box and a styrene plate with an aluminum foil on the top cut to size for the inside floor.
I had bought this styrene sheet once in the past, and after a long time no using, now it comes in handy.





In the photo this plate shines a lot, but that is due to the light and the macro of the camera, in reality it shines a little less.
Then the 2 rails on the roof, where on later term a large extendable plate will be build and placed, which completely covers the movable floor plate, against rain.

These rails are also built around brass profiles.;)





What now also becomes clear are the small details on the frames of the box.
At the front, the bottom of the strip has a cut out, because the support leg must move freely along this strip.



Now on my model this actually exactly the same situation.
First with retracted support leg ....




And with the support leg extended ....




Then the construction of the movable walkway.
This bridge has a second bridge that can be extended, because these caterers are never touching the plane, but stay a bit off it.
With this extension, the distance from Van-Body to aircraft entrance can be shortened to 12cm.




On the inside I made 2 rails with styrene U-profile in which this floor moves.





And 2 sliding supports that hang in the rails, and the bridge can move freely in these profiles.




And now some pictures of how this looks and works so far.










It is now starting to become quite a large model.
The fun only gets more, because until now it has all been fairly smooth and easy.

I also quickly ordered a Fujimi kit from a Hino dump truck.
This was the last kit, because supplies from Japan are not yet optimal, and this Hino was also sold out at the hobby shop in Japan.
Fortunately there was a shop that still had it ..... the last one ..... waiting for me.

From this kit I get the rims because they come more to the reality of this Fuso than the rims that are now underneath.
I had checked this with the Fuso car transporter, which I also have, and in the Hino kit are the same rims and tires.
The tires match perfectly in terms of size, because these rims and tires has remained a small dislike for me until now.
A project will be made up for the Hino later on.

Also, I am not entirely happy with these 3d printed rims, it takes a lot of time to get them smooth, because the roughness is through and through and there is no use to sanding them.
So you have to work with filler and after the final layers of color the details are a bit to fade, because of the many layers.

For this kind of stuff Resin is more preferable for me, or in my case, the right rims of a kit.

Well guys, this was it for today and see you next round!






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Hello everyone,


Today the progress at the front end of the Van-Body.

In the main time I finished the movable floor and after that, the extendable roof cover.

First I made the sliding supports and mounted the floor on it and made the reinforcement parts on it.
The rubber on the front of the extendable floor plate just had to be round, just as it will also be the same with the extendable roof  later.











Then the extendable roof which later there are 2 hydraulic cylinders will be made on the front rail, which can push the roof up a bit.
This is to be able to follow the curved line of the aircraft fuselage, and the worker is currently protected from the elements of the weather and the hot sharp sun, as there are countries where 30+ degrees is very normal every day.





And the upper position, which I use a piece of styrene for the main time for showing how it will look like.





At the back is a stopper that stops the roof, I had seen this in several preference pictures that this was done in this way, and later there will be made a tube, from the other side of this stopper to the back of the roof, with some wiring in it.





Then a threshold to keep the movable floor at the correct height....




And the support which I made again, which has now become 5mm higher, and has been brought to the correct height.





And all together so far....







That's it for today and see you next round!









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Hello everyone,


Also progressed a bit further with this project.

After I was still not satisfied with the rims and tires, I exchanged the rims and tires with the kit of a Fujimi Hino dumper.






The front rims are also exact to the real truck, and after some fitting and adjusting the axle width, I painted everything white and mounted the tires, it look exactly as I was searching for.






The mechanism and hydraulic piston that slides the extendable floor in and out is also mounted.
Later on, the electrical lines and hydraulic hoses will be attached.

Then the floor lift and extendable roof are painted white and the floor itself given a black anti-slip layer with Revell no.9.









And all together with the new rims and tires....







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               It has been a couple of months since I posted on this thread . And I see that you have been very busy.

  As usual I am really impressed with the level of detail you add to your models . Super work .


    Be Well


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It's been a while, but I've been busy lately, and didn't have much time for the hobby, but thank you for the nice comments guys!?

On 8/11/2020 at 4:56 AM, Madd Trucker said:

what is  the part   you    added  to the   battery  box  that looks like it  has a   2  hose  connections

The box what I added is a kind of electric or fuse box.

I never saw the inside, but the most Fuso semi's have this kind of box on the side of the battery box.



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On 9/20/2020 at 1:41 AM, Madd Trucker said:

thanks  I  noticed it   came off a  Mercedes Actros   that is  why  I  was  wondering

Ah Richard, that isa part of  the air system, a dryer or something.:unsure:


On 9/20/2020 at 10:09 PM, kilrathy10 said:

This is one of the coolest builds I've ever seen... I'm in awe every time I look at this thread...

Thank you Kilrathy.


Yes guys, today a small update.

In the meantime I ordered vinyl stickers from miniature Reclame.nl.
These are very thin stickers, where the letters are separate, so no transparency between the letters.
This benefits the quality and simulates reality very well.


To make this project more fun or interesting, I added a JAL service bus.
This is a Toyota Hiace from Aoshima, and I made this as a standard rental bus, where these advertising stickers are also made at miniatuurreclame.nl







I hope you all like this addition to this project.



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Wow!  When I saw the photos of that van I thought those were photos of the 1:1 scale van (you would be using for reference), not a model!  You are likely taking the photos with a wide-angle lens, which exaggerates the perspective, making a small model look like a full-size vehicle.  Only when I saw the photos of the van next to the catering truck I realized that I was fooled.  Well done!

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