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Question, rear hump behind driver?

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That's 0728TR. The '58 Hill LeMans winner. Only non-pontoon fendered TR in the bunch. Sorry, just random history.

Headrest fairing like Pat said can cover rollbar (rare in early days) or gas filler cap. In D-Jag, 250 TR (prob most famous cars with fairing) the gas cap is in there, usual large neck "Monza" style. Tank on TR was usually 32-35g, D-type was 40g. 

I forget similar things. LOL

Image result for what hump meme

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Yup...and "fairing" is an interesting word. "Fair" means pretty when it's applied to a woman, but it also means smooth or streamlined when it's applied to a boat hull, an airplane, or the surface of a car.

There is a verb "to fair", that literally means "to smooth" or "to streamline". It was originally a nautical term, and a very slick hull would be called "fair".

So, "fairing" can be a verb meaning the act of making smooth or streamlining. You don't see the word used much as a verb anymore though.

But "fairing", as used here, is a noun that refers to any part that's used to help achieve a wind- or water-resistance cheating shape that helps with streamlining. You can have helmet fairings,or mirror fairings, or wheel fairings, or wing-root fairings, etc.

EDIT: To this day, there's still boat-hull "fairing compound", which is much like bondo, but made for making boat hulls slick and smooth.


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