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Ted's Custom Ford Pickup Truck

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It took over 50 years, but....

In the early 1960s my late and older brother Ted and I built some custom car and truck models.  Ted was the creative genius behind the design and execution of these models.  He gleaned many ideas and concepts from the emerging hot rod and custom car magazines that were being published at this time. I have always wanted to complete a radical Ford pickup truck that he had started building back then to pay tribute to his skills, creativity and imagination as this truck emphatically epitomizes his work.  Originally, the top was vented and chopped, the bed was changed and shortened, the hood was altered, and completely new front and rear ends were molded (with plastic aluminum) onto the body. The rear portion of the truck  had fins molded to the sculpted sides. The dashboard was carved from wood and covered with corduroy fabric to mimic tuck and roll upholstery.  The seats were also done this way as well as a tonneau cover.

To complete the model from its original inception required a chassis to be built, an engine to be added, a new steering wheel and new wheels as these parts had never been determined or selected back then.

Ted's radical truck creation is now complete and it is a testament to his remarkable vision of what a custom show truck in the 60s would look like. Here's to you, Ted!

Thanks for looking...




















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Ted's ideas were way ahead of his time, if he were still with us, his builds would be fantastic...

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