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I just got one of the new 66 Ford f100’s. Now this is my first time doing a slammed pickup so I might not be doing everything perfect. 

I am using the stock frame that I have heavily modified with a revell Ford svt lighting front suspension, a giant C notch in the rear and I will do a Ford 9” and engine from the revell nascar. 






Comments welcome. 

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I'd say you're doing the suspension just fine. Looks almost like an air suspension system that's aired down.  Might have a hard time turning a corner the way it sits right now. I like the way you grafted the front suspension in. 

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Thanks guys. 

I have painted the frame and the motor. Now I am deciding on air cleaner and paint colour and would like your guys opinion.    

I was thinking of maybe a turquoise colour like this. 




Air cleaner #1 (It came in the 66 kit) 


Air cleaner #2 (from a 302) 


Air cleaner #3 (from a 390) 


Air cleaner #4 



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Question. If you are going to take them time to do custom work, and add detail, why wouldn't you take the time to make the work clean? A couple of sanding sticks from the nail care area of the drug store and five minutes would have made that frame alteration look real slick. 

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