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Why is NHRA Pro Stock an all-Camaro class?

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I stopped watching NHRA years ago. Its just not fun anymore. The cars look dumb, and whoever has all the money can bend the rules for the win. Just ask the pro stock motorcycle guys about Harley Davidson. That was the last straw for me. HD makes cruisers, so they are heavy and under powered compared to sport bikes. But they were allowed to manipulate the rules to allow them to "compete", only they were winning everything, all the time. Setting records within a few years of competing that the metric bikes chased for decades. Not because HD makes a faster bike in real life, but because the rules benefited them exponentially. Then they started all that NASCAR BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH of "racing for the championship", so you have like a sweet 16 thing....Just dumb. 


Id rather watch the no prep, or drag week stuff. Its real. 

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I ignore the "Pro Stock" category like I ignore modern NASCAR. To me Pro Stock has run it`s course as the cars bear absolutely no resemblance to the cars they are supposed to represent. I agree with the previous comment that " Factory Stock" and "Factory Super Stock" are far more interesting. I guess I`m biased because "class racing" is my thing. If you want to see innovation in NHRA drag racing, check out Comp Eliminator. That category is filled with it. Everything from 4 cylinder Honda powered altereds to nostalgia front motor dragsters! I might also step on a few toes by saying that "delay box" racing does nothing for me either. Just my opinion...

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