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I'm still on my Monogram 1/24 scale Model A binge!  Reference of my shelf above so far....


A few weeks ago at the Diversified Scalerz show I found this lost puppy in a vendor's junk bin.  Recognizing it as an original issue Blue Beetle I quickly bought it.  


Here she is mock assembled for a photo session.  Dirty and all the chrome appears to have evaporated. Tire mark forever etched into the bed.


Aside from it being molded in a nice blue plastic, that finish was beyond saving due to the abundance of surface glue applied by our over ambitious original builder.  We might have been able to track him down by finger prints!


And here we are today.  After a lot of sanding and fussing, the body and chassis received a few coats of Duplicolor Primer and I decided to try Testors Extreme Lacquer Star Spangled Blue which looks perfect on this body.


Here's the roll bar that is unique to this original issue.  A friend asked me why I was playing with this old glue bomb since the "Blue Bandito" was reissued with a lot of the original parts... well, just because!  I do own one of that kit and will use some new parts where old parts are not restorable.  But I drilled out this roll bar and inserted some straight pin, and have it super glued thick so I can sand it down.  Why? Just to see if I can!  If it doesn't look right, I'll use the new part.  Also note that of the four cars in the top photo, only one of them started with a new kit (the yellow woody pickup)! The other three are restos from sad and humble beginnings!


And the one part that wasn't reproduced is the Caddy script valve covers!  Here they are with the plugs drilled out to accept wires and Alclad applied.  I also have cleaned up and have new Alclad on all four original wheels and exhaust headers.   This project shouldn't take long.


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Looks like a fun project, you're off to a good start.

David G.

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The Blue Beetle and the Little T might be the greatest kits of all time.  I never get tired of seeing them built.

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