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2019 Cannonball Run Completed Builds Thread

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If you have completed a build for the 2019 Cannonball Run CBP, please post it here.

Please give a us a good description of the work done and models used and a maximum of six photos that show off your model to it's best advantage. As I've said before, NO ONE has ever won this with lousy photos. 

If you've just come to look, please leave no comments. Please put your atta-boys in the main build thread. Let's leave this clear so we just have photos to peruse when it comes down to the voting. Thanks.

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70’s Style Chevy Street Van (AMT A-Team kit).

Exterior: Removed all side trim/moldings, opened hood, installed new rain gutters, scratch-built door handles/hinges, California windows, sunroof, sun-visor, side dump exhaust, satin black paint, Cragar SS rims with “old school” look.
Drive-train: Frame modified, scratch-built air ride rear suspension and rack/pinion steering installed. Monte Carlo SS SB Chevy V8 / TH200-4R auto trans installed up front. Rear is a 12 bolt Chevy from a Nova. Parts box parts, various paints and imagination provide: alum. driveshaft, HD cooling, HD alternator (w/ onboard inverter), PS, PB, AC, and (multi-fuel cells -  mounted just inside the rear doors) to provide extended mileage capability (just imagine they’re there in there).

Interior: Cab area includes a modified dash, scratch-built door panels and overhead console (w/ dash cam & CB radio).



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Highlights of the build.
I did do the engines similar to my original plan. I modified the two rear ones to look a bit more cool and aggressive, at least to my eye. I moved the front engine to the rear and connected it  to the two rears. My theme on the engines was to make them look like garbage cans. The air intake I designed to look like an Insinkerator.

I modified the interior, using two of the rear seats instead of the kit front seats. I  designed this so either front seat occupant could drive at any given time.  I made the steering wheels to look airplane related. The front wheel assembly was also aircraft inspired. I made my own inner rear wheel wells. I had to cut a hole in the bottom to get the rear pumpkin to mount the axle below the underside to get a higher ride height to off-set the height added to the front. It would have been like a nose high Gasser other-wise.

The paint is DupliColor Sonic Blue Pearl (name kinda added to the theme) from the rattle can.

This kit was, shall I say, troublesome.

amtronicbuild 001.jpg

amtronicbuild 002.jpg

amtronicbuild 006.jpg

amtronicbuild 004.jpg

amtronicbuild 005.jpg

amtronic 006.jpg

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1937 Ford Panel Truck


  • 460 cu.in. V8
  • Modern large wheels with low profile tires.
  • Nascar type rear suspension




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Opened side and rear doors, converted from slider to 2 swing out doors

Opened roof and built custom "High Top"

Added RV item, vents, doors, etc.

Custom bumper, winch, brush guard.

Added side window.


Full camper interior: sink, stove, toilet, drawers, table with map, fridge.

Door panels, rear interior panels

custom center console


Full 4x4 conversion

Dana 60 front and rear, 205 Transfer case


Propane system

Fireball wheels and tires

2 tone paint and mural of Indian on the side.







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