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AMT/Italeri reefer trailer

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This was a quick build for me, about a week start to finish. I used the new AMT release of the old Italeri reefer trailer. I shortened it to 36ft, made a new front bulkhead, scratch built a reefer unit, scratch built new landing gear added a side door, and swapped out the kit wheels for some old school resin 5-holes. Today was cloudy, so it was perfect for outdoor photos. I froze my butt off, but I managed to get some pictures.









I swapped one of the 5-hole steel wheels out for a 5-hole aluminum wheel. The difference is subtle, but I thought it went well with the "well worn" look. Back in the day owner-operators had to make due with what they could get their hands on at the time, so miss-matched wheels were common.


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1 hour ago, chuckyr said:

Wonderful.  Looks like an early 1960s Brown reefer.  Looks like you could put an undermount reefer unit on it to simulate an early intermodal reefer.  BTW, no diesel fuel tank?

Thanks! I was replicating a trailer from a movie, and in the movie the reefer fuel tank was missing. Only the straps that hold the tank were present, so that is how I built the model as well.

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