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The Slamdebaker

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So, my wife’s aunt sent me a couple of AMT 53 Studebaker kits that she found my wife’s grandpa’s garage - he was a real Studebaker nut before he died, and rather than throw them out I ended up with them.

I built one stock, to match a 1:1 the Grandpa had had, but one had a bust up body and was beyond saving for a STOCK build, anyway.  So; I used that one for this!  

Mostly box stock but with a set of resin steel wheels, a z on the front of the frame and some alterations to the leaf springs in the back to get it about as low as it’s possible to get a 53 Studebaker with a stock-ish frame and floor.  I made a bomber-style bench seat on my vinyl cutter and added a little detail to the engine, plus a scratchbuilt roof rack and swamp cooler.

This was a fun one!  It’s nice to do something not-shiny now and then!







And a couple of shots of it with it’s box-stock brother 😁



Thanks for looking!


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Great looking finish on this build. I commented earlier on the interior and I still think it is outstanding the way you did it. The roof rack is a different touch but does make this standout. I like how you did the carb. and air cleaner.  

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