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1969 Dodge Super Bee 440-6 (Pro Touring)


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This is my second 69 Dodge Super Bee build. The first one was built (in silver) to be a slot car body. This one is the mixture of a glue bomb and the left overs from the slot car. . The wheels are custom one-offs built by marrying the 10 spokes from a 77 Monte Carlo snap kit with a set of forked, spoked wheels from an undetermined BMW kit. I wish I had more so I could try different colors. The decals were quite a challenge as the were VERY old and may have gotten damp sometime in the past. I did the usual BMF and lighting details in red and amber. I researched the real car details so I could duplicate them on the grille and tail panels. Overall the finished product came out pretty well.

69 Super Bee teaser.JPG


69 Super Bee for Muscle Car build.jpg

69 Bee detail paint started.jpg

69 Super Bee LF.JPG

60 Super Bee LR.JPG

69 Super Bee rear.JPG

69 Super Bee RR.JPG



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4 hours ago, Chuckyg1 said:

This is cool. Nice rescue. The paint is great, what is it. The wheels are neat, great idea. I have a set of the snap wheels myself. Now you have me seeing if I have anything to go with them.

The paint is automotive touch up paint. It is a Nissan color I believe. The wheels turned out way cool. Like I said, I wish I had more to try other colors.

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