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Polar Lights VW bug ?

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I picked up the Coke Polar lights snap kit because the box says its 1/25th scale. I hope it is as I have been looking for one in that scale for a while.  I have not measured anything to confirm if it is 1/25 or 1/24 yet.  Anyone have both to do a side by side???          Nice kit...especially for a snap!



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Short answer?  It's a really nice kit that builds up well.  Below are photos of a finished one that I own, I didn't build it.

One suggestion is, that if you have the version with the soft top, cut off the mounts and glue it onto the model. Note that you can see the mounts on the edges, in my photos right above the side windows.   If you have a version, like the Spider Man, which doesn't use the soft top, the mount hole may still be visible on the top, even though plugged.  Look for it and putty what remains if needed.







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Thank You for all the replies.

I purchased the Coca Cola version (the price was right !!!)

Included are five sets of wheels. 2 sets of 5-spoke mags and 3  sets of dog-dish caps. 

In comparison to the original IMC VW, the PL is 1/8" wider and 3/8" longer. 

Everything looks correctly scaled. Will be making a 1962 VW Convt from this kit. 



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