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1/32 Mack B-61 Tandem axle Tractor

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I’ve been working on this for a little over two years thought I’d try to finish this thing up I’m leaning more towards the 1/32 scale due to the size and Limited space I have

The truck is a JMT promotional truck and the frame is a monogram 1/32 scale R Model Mack that I’ve modified and added the tanks to. The interior is zinc chromate green and the gearshift knobs or pale green enjoy the pics







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Thanks Brian 

This goes together much Easier than 1/25 scale and there’s no guessing on the windshield and such and trying to fit other parts. Another reason I like this 1/32 scale it’s a space saver and you don’t have much revenue invested in it I’ve just about gave up on 1/25 scale. 

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Thanks guys

Me too, I’m kinda getting tired of building model kits with almost 300 parts after about 40 years of building these kinda kits I’m really liking this 1/32 scale and 1/43 low parts count kits. I have built a lot of them when I was a kid. I will have more 1/32 trucks on the bench soon. I’m working on the mirror brackets now than this one will be done

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To mix species, your Bulldog is a real chunky monkey, looks great. On a shelf, in your collection that will look as good as anything else.

I bought the 1/32 Monogram trucks because I had them when I was a kid and was sorry I ever got rid of them. I find them quite enjoyable and deliver a decent result with a bit of effort. You can't go nuts on detailing because it's not there! I like that you can mock them up without gluing anything so you can finish your day's work and sit looking at it. The size difference makes a difference too. Lot to be said for them. 


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On 4/30/2021 at 2:19 AM, Pete68 said:

Gator. I have to agree with you looks better with the winch I need to put the cable on it and the mirrors and call it done

   Lee, What are you going to use for the winch cable ? I use braided fishing line from Muskie Master .


  Be Well


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