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AMT American LaFrance Pumper University Park TX FD

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My Black Friday consisted of putting the finishing touches on this one, as best I recall I started it about 5 years ago.  I based it off a single grainy photo I found online, plus my own memories of visiting the UPFD station with my grandfather when I was young.

The AMT kit is certainly nice overall, though it has its challenges such as lack of positive locating aids, especially in/around the cab, plus heavy mold lines on many of the parts.

The axes and hose couplers in the bed are 3D printed items from Shapeways; the couplers on the black suction hoses mounted on the side of the truck are kit pieces, though the hoses themselves are Evergreen tube that was a perfect match for the kit pieces, though much easier without seams to clean up.

I used Model Car World lacquer for the ALF yellow, and the chrome is a mix of BMF, Alclad, Molotow, and Testors enamel.

Hose load in the bed is sewing elastic dyed with wood stain, and the small-diameter hose on the reels is solder painted oxide red, to replace the kit's vinyl hose.  

The two rotating emergency lights are from resin/vac-form items from Custom Squads.

Decals are from Speedway, and the two fire helmets are resin castings sent to me by a member on another forum.

I replaced the mounts for the side mirrors with brass rod, as the kit pieces were way overscale.

The red flashers & orange turn signals on the front are fog lights from the Welly Tahoes, and replace the arrow-shaped turn signals from the kit.










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YEAH! It's a fire truck, Nice job,


PS: by the way 'Scale Firehouse' web site is down right now, but Chris is working on it

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Beautiful!!!  And the attention to detail is First Class all the way!!!


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Nicely done.  I like your added details.

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Outstanding craftsmanship. Your modifications add to the look. Nice truck and I like the yellow.

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