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Hi all,

I'd like to share my latest build, first time posting over here on the Pickups section.

This is the old 1/24 Monogram Series 90 kit. I'm improving on what looks like a solid kit with a set of photo etch leaf springs, 3D printed wheels and tires and a scratch-built 'canvas' soft top. I'll probably end up adding more details here and there but those are the main ones. Please excuse the many images.. been working on this for a while but haven't posted anything til now.


Thanks for looking in!



I found these etched leaf springs on the web from a company called Minor. They are made for the Italeri Defender LWB kits.




As you can see, the axles, leaf springs and mounts are all molded in one piece, front and back. I used just the axles and the mounts from these pieces. The mounts were used to fix the photo etch mounts securely. 








The rear:






 Here are the pieces for the leaf springs. Unfortunately, I found they aren't very 'workable' as the product is advertised. Still, they look great and much better than the kit parts.




Leaf springs and axles test fitted.






I used styrene to build a soft top frame. I'll be using these thin cotton squares for the 'canvas' top.





Notice my mistake on the rear mounting holes... 😞  I created more work for myself..



I'm hoping to be able to have both the soft top and hard roof interchangeable when completed.



I found these awesome 3D printed Land Rover Series wheels on the web. The kit-supplied wheels/tires are a big downside to an otherwise great looking kit so these should add alot.



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Looking good so far!  I built the Land Rover a few months ago using everything in the box and wiring the engine.  I wish Revell would reissue this kit to go with their soon to be released long wheelbase Land Rover.

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29 minutes ago, alexis said:

I like the wheels. Where'd you find them?

Thanks. I found them on Shapeways. Lots of 1/24 Land Rover stuff on there

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