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‘68 Shelby GT-500

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Built from the AMT kit. Body is Testors Inca Gold. I went with a set of parts box Redlines because the tires in the kit looked like cartoon balloons. Almost looked like the were meant to be 1:24 scale. The chrome part tree in this kit was just flat out awful. The attaching points between part and tree were entirely too thick and on many parts (wheels and bumpers especially) in the worst possible places. I’ve got to get off my butt and get a new airbrush so that when I encounter stuff like I can strip, fill/repair and rechrome it. 
As always tips, pointers, comments and questions are welcome. Thanks for looking.







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I agree; a very nicely done build! I have built this kit more times than any other kit out there, (4X if I remember them all)!  It qualifies as my all-time-favorite kit even tho it has those mid-1970's kit production issues as you mentioned.

I like your color choice of the Red interior with Inca Gold outer!  Your detail-painting and engine work look exceptional, too!

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Very nice paint oombination.  I actually built one very similar about 40 years ago.  Over the years the one I have built I've noticed a few things sometimes overlooked.  The grille area is mostly body color.  In other words,  just the surrounding trim is chrome and of course the flat grille itself is black and zooming in it looks like you are spot on.  You're right about the chrome - the kit has been reissued more times that I can count.  I cannot remember for sure but I think the interior colors on Shelby's were pretty limited but the red looks better than your basic black.  The toy like engine compartment bothers me the most on this kit but that's just how most kits were back then.  Why spend extra money on tooling when you can use the same chassis for multiple kits.  Real nice job on the side stripes and the door gaps.  For the engine a Fram decal would look cool and there are better wheels in other kits but you detailed them nicely.  I agree with the tire choce too.  Good work.

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