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New Project....Barber-Greene Paver

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8 hours ago, Vince66 said:

Man oh man have you been busy really digging this screed monster. 

Now you just need a shuttle buggy for it. 



Thought about that but since this is an old school build, dating from the ‘60’s, the paver, roller and bunch of dump trucks will have to do the job! The planned next build is going to be a lot bigger, more moving parts, and still kind of old school.  Awaiting reference materials now. 

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38 minutes ago, redneckrigger said:

Might be!  Gonna try to get paint started tonight, then dry time and then the final details.  Time will tell!

When you do make sure the paving crew members stay 72 mm away from each other.  (that's a scale 6' in case anybody needs to know)?

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Got the painting crew going a little while ago.....actually worked out well making them practice social distancing as they didn't end up painting each other green! Went on pretty well and looks decent.  Will see what it looks like tomorrow and see if it needs a touch up. While paint dries, planning goes on for the next project, an HC218.  Any guesses what I’m taking on?




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Hmmmmmm, looks like a couple guys win a cigar! Link Belt HC218, 82 ton truck crane. This is a crane I used to work with on a lot of my jobs years ago. In the winter we would refurbish and repaint equipment. The photos with the white cab was the color scheme we used the last time I painted it back around 1990, (left there in 1991). Previous to this it was the older colors of black chassis with red cab and red/white upper cab, black boom. The photos with the red cab show it crammed into the shop getting done in it’s original scheme. I think we painted it a total of three times while I worked there. Worst part was painting the boom.  We finally stopped spraying the boom as it wasted so much paint. Tried electrostatic painting which helped, and finally settled on hand painting it with a big mitten we would soak in paint and wrap around each tubular segment and apply paint that way.  Had the benefit of actually being able to place hands on every inch of the boom segments which helped inspect its integrity, as well as getting better film thickness of the paint on it. The old girl is still earning a living all around our area. BUT, gotta finish the paver first! So, I have my work cut out for me! Stay tuned!









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46 minutes ago, redneckrigger said:

Well, it’s green to go!  Little bits to touch up and lots of details to paint but I’m pretty pleased so far!

I am also pleased, or rather, I am impressed!

With the green color it suddenly looks very different, absolutely cool.

Enjoy the painting of the details.?



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All paint and details are done.....rubber flaps made from paper, AWESOME  suggestion on that! Thank you Hermann Kersten!

Only thing left is decals and light weathering.  Picking up decals tomorrow at Post Office.  Guess it’s time to get going on gathering parts for the next build!












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