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2020 Cannonball Run Build Thread!


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Update time.

I've made some progress on the Daytona.

I shot it with primer paint and clear (all duplicolor) and had exactly what I wanted until i burned through in a couple spots... so now it's been sanded and put in primer again and is awaiting black. Had to clean up some areas where I cut out the front headlight covers.


Here I had to graft a peice onto the front of the dash to make a shroud for the gauge cluster, and I removed the ac vents and smoothed the top of the dash. After initial color coat I noticed a few places where my putty had shrank.


The crossmember here is only for single exhaust as is the kit supplied exhaust system... I'm currently modifying both the frame and exhaust for a true dual exhaust configuration.


Here, I have filled in the manual shifter boot, and made a spot for an automatic shifter.


In the photo it looks like a large blob of plastic, I have since smoothed it down to look more integrated.

All in all its coming together, hoping to shoot paint here in the next hour or so.

Loving everyone's work so far, all looking very cool!

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1 hour ago, LL3 Model Worx said:

I've made some progress on the Daytona.

 had exactly what I wanted until i burned through in a couple spots... 

Nice progress Leroy.

just a hint.....next time when you burn thru..stop sanding.     clean up the body, soap and water, let it dry, and shoot the panel with colour again..

yer sanding anyway... you just need colour down..


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1 hour ago, Belugawrx said:

Nice progress Leroy.

just a hint.....next time when you burn thru..stop sanding.     clean up the body, soap and water, let it dry, and shoot the panel with colour again..

yer sanding anyway... you just need colour down..



And that is solid advice, and 99% of the time I would have done just that... though I believe the problem itself was a result of my primer not being as smooth as I needed to begin with it went on kinda dry and I was being impatient.

I just went ahead and slicked it all down and started over... I just got the black resprayed a few minutes ago and it turned out MUCH better.

Gonna move to clear here in the next half hour or so.

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I FINALLY got a decent basecoat that isn't going to cause me any more nightmares... only took 3 attempts, trying a new painting method and products can be a pita some times.

Now, I'm debating on wether to just polish it out or clear it and polish...

I dont really want the dripping wet look, I want it to appear a bit more realistic. So I'm thinking on just doing a polish out and be done.


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2020 Cannonball Roster

1. bobthehobbyguy -Dom's Daytona Charger F&F6

 2. LouO  -Billy Madison's 79 Trans Am

3. fivesuns -Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Dodge Charger

4. stitchdup. - Hooper's Trans Am

 5. DPNM - Death Proof  Dodge Charger

 6. MeatMan - Meeting Evil 72 GTO

 7. larman - Dodge Charger Dukes of Hazzard

 8. Jhedir6 - 67 Mustang Gone in 60 seconds

9. LL3 Model Worx - Daytona Spider Miami Vice

 ?10. Oldmopars -Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. 379 Peterbilt.

 11. KWT -68 Charger Bullitt 

 12. Misha - 51 Hudson The Irishman

13.  Belugawrx- Shelby Cobra Gumball Rally (1976)

 14. Bespoke - 66 Thunderbird Thelma & Louise

 15. disconovaman - 67 Camaro Better Off Dead

 16. Fat Brian- Transformers Mustang Barricade

 17. 64SS350 - Bumblebee Camaro

 18. Sam I Am Vanishing Point Challenger

? 19. spencer1984 - Hot Rods To Hell 58 Corvette

 20. streetmachine11 - Cherry2000 Mustang

21. Pat Minarick - Up In Smoke VW convertible

22. Cpt Tuttle - Defender Viper

 23. Pete75 - Lotus Esprit S1 The Spy Who Loved Me

 24. Grid_88 - Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino

? 25. 89AKurt -  The Thomas Crown Affair 68 Ferrari

 26. 426 pack - Terminator/Nightmare Chevy Pickup 

 27. Lunajammer - Road House Buick Riviera

 28. Rodent-  57 Fairlane 500  It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

29. 1/24DragAndStreetCars- Porsche 911 GT2  Love The Beast

30. marv13 - Fast And Furious Dodge Charger

31. da_ashman - Banes Tumbler  The Dark Knight Rises

32. gasser59 - Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy

33. avidinha-    Mystery Men Cadillic

34. FredRPG- Myrthmobile Wayne's World

35. Superbird McMonte- CorvetteSummer 

 36. alexis- 1914 Stutz Bearcat Bearcats 

37. eldiablo78- Mad Max Falcon

38. markbt73- 67 GTX Convertable. Angel T.V.  series

39. MININORTHFORDMAN- Cannonball (1976) 69 Mustang

40. Keollifornia Kid- Black Beauty.  Green Hornet (2011)

Updated Roster... The builds are really shaping up! Really looking forward to the seeing all the builds.. Build em up!

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27 minutes ago, MININORTHFORDMAN said:

i hope i can stiil enter

Absolutely! That is great! you're number 39! I can't believe there's this many participants... And maybe I'm wrong but is testors gloss green a perfect color for the mustang? With some weathering I think it will be Awesome!

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I took some weeks off the work bench but now my fingers are itching, so I decided to enter the Cannonball Run with something I wanted to do for years (since I first saw the movie) and if I don't do it now, I probably never will...

What I will try to do is this:



The Black Beauty from the 2011 movie The Green Hornet.

Starting point is this resin 1965 Chrysler Imperial I got from eBay a few years ago:



A lot of flash will have to be removed and a lot of  things will have to be scratch built but we will see where things are going...

I want to start with the parts that will have to be chrome plated like the rear bumper:


I shaved the deck lid and fitted the rear bumper/taillight section to the body:


I also deleted the side mounted license plate for the Black Beauty has a center mounted plate, the first part that will have to be scratch built.


__So long...

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I built the LS-1 for the Camaro today. I tried to detail it as well as I could. These engines are pretty much plastic and aluminum so black and silver is about it for colors.

   I googled  LS swaps for some ideas how they're being personalized. There are some unique ways to make them less uniform.

  I painted the valve covers Red and picked out the coil packs, runners, and painted the molded plug wires. I'll be adding a light black wash to tone down the silver in the cast areas... I did add headers and an aluminum LS-6 FAST intake... for performance. I've seen some LS swaps from the Revell 02 Camaro but none are really detailed. 


Picture 003.jpg

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Well Ali and Steve did a great job this year on the Cobra...


With time to spare ...yeehaw




Can't wait to see the rest of the field shape up and meet in New York, and a hefty 40 entrants...Wow!!

Sometimes this build is all I get done in a year, thanks to Anthony (disconovaman) for keeping the Cannonball alive and well ?

Cheers to all Cannonballers

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"determination to suceed" the Gumball Cobra is Super! 

I'm making slow progress on the BOD Camaro. I sprayed my interior red like the movie car... The Camaro doesn't have alot of screen time... But you can see the red interior for sure. I think black reallly pops with red interior... "Monique? what are you doing to my Camaro?" ?






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On 4/28/2020 at 11:44 PM, gasser59 said:

She's a real beauty Bruce. I'd be proud to display that one. Congrats on getting it done well before the deadline. I do believe you have time for another one.

Thnx Brad, it was alot of fun,   Going back to the 312 T4

On 4/29/2020 at 8:44 AM, LL3 Model Worx said:

Fantastic job on the Cobra, it really turned out awsome!

thnx Leroy...  where are those Borranis...?

On 4/29/2020 at 9:19 AM, Jantrix said:

Wow. Bruce. You never disappoint, man. That looks terrific. 

With these stay at home rules, the turn out for this Run should be epic. I can't wait to see them.

Rob, couldn't have done it without this great  Community build you started...it's usually the only model I finish in the year...

So I tend to go a little overboard...lol

I too,can't wait to see what everyone else brings this year

On 4/29/2020 at 3:56 PM, Lunajammer said:


Thnx Mike

18 hours ago, disconovaman said:

"determination to succeed" the Gumball Cobra is Super! 


On 4/29/2020 at 12:42 PM, Sam I Am said:


That is one stunning Cobra!

Thnx Sam

On 4/29/2020 at 1:58 PM, MININORTHFORDMAN said:

awesome job! Love That Cobra

Thanks Charlie


Now where is everyone else's build at..... ?

Cheers to all Cannonballers!!

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1 hour ago, Belugawrx said:


thnx Leroy...  where are those Borranis...?

Still working on it... unfortunately being out of work just allows the wife to "honey do" me to DEATH!!

But, I have got the body practically done, just needs another veey mild round of cut n buff.

I've currently been fighting with the dashboard and the exhaust, trying to bend styrene tubing is a pita!

But the wheels are present and accounted for, and awaiting installation.

I'm hoping for plenty of bench time this coming week, as my chore list has been cut down to manageable levels and the wife returns to work monday, so I should have ample time to produce some results!

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