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1970 Pro Street El Camino


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After inquiring about sourcing an appropriate rear axle, I was directed to B-N-L Resins. After drooling over all my options, I selected a nice 9" Ford and a number of other goodies for the project as well.

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On 9/19/2021 at 8:06 AM, Bills72sj said:

 It is not too bad. You will have to do some sanding or filing here and there depending on your choice of chassis. It does require some custom fab work for the front to of the bed. Also a stock AMT 68 El Camino rear bumper is not a "Bolt on".

Thank you

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Got my parts from B-N-L Resins. Started tackling the engine for this project. It is basically a Dagwood sandwich.

Resin 3-butterfly Pro Mod scoop.

Resin adapter to the top of the blower.

Resin 10-71 blower with end caps.

Styrene parts box blower base #1.

Resin 8-port intake.

Styrene parts box blower base #2.

Styrene parts box Big-block Chevy.

Resin deep-sump Milodon oil pan.

The blower drive is from an ebay purchase of some larger scale blower motor.

It comes with a rubber/vinyl Gilmore drive belt.

I also had to fab some valve cover spacers to help the blower base #2 not protrude higher than the heads.

I will have to notch the cowl a little bit for the blower (no big deal).

The top of the scoop is slightly higher than the roof (which was what I was hoping for).


ElCo blower motor.JPG



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