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90 Mustang GT

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I've been asked to build a 1990 Mustang GT to copy a 1:1 that was lost to the owner many years ago.

1. What is the best fox body mustang kit?

2. I'm looking for specific wheels from the 1:1 car.  Where can I find these?


Thanks in advance peeps!


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not sure about being the best, there's not many offerings in 87-93 Mustangs and they all have their flaws, 1/24 93 Monogram Cobra might be a decent starting point and back date what ever little changes to make a 90, sorry I don't remember the differences anymore, the pony wheels are in the Monogram Mustang convert kit also 1/24, there is a MPC 1/25 Mustang GT but I don't think there are any 1/25 Pony wheels

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Depends on what you are building....hatch or convertible?   The MPC/AMT '87-88 kit is the only GT hatchback kit of that era, and the Monogram is the only GT convertible of that era.  The Monogram '91 and '92 convertible kits had those wheels (the '91-92 5 spoke wheels).   There are pros and cons to both kits--the MPC has chrome molded headlights and the taillights molded in, the Monogram is 1/24th but has separate headlight and taillight lenses.

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If you want those wheels, you're going to have to use the 93 Cobra for the main body and interior, and the 90/91 convertible for the GT parts and do some creative kitbashing.

Like they said, Monogram never made a GT fastback. Just a Cobra FB, GT convertible and an LX coupe.

Sounds like a fun bashing project though.

LX convertible anyone?

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