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What semi would you like in a kit?

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I would like to see the                                                                                                                                                                                                              Freightliner  FLD 132 Classic XL with 60 inch raised roof sleeper                                                                 The Freightliner Clasadia

                                                                      The Mack B Model

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goof up with wrighting and speeling
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I'll add my name to the list for a Mack B. The Marmon COE Brad posting looks sweet. I know quite a bit is available in resin but that  adds considerably to the build cost of the finished model. Not everyone can afford them.

I personally don't see a lot of the younger generation joining in the hobby. Trying to target them as your customer base is not the way I'd go if I ran a model company. I'd guess most builders today are fairly older. They are the ones who I would aim to please. Sure, there are younger modellers, IMO, the older generation is the backbone of the model company's sales.

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While I would love to see new kits it’s more than likely not going to happen. The tooling cost is just too prohibitive for the size of the market . We think we are huge group but unfortunately we are smaller than we think . Having said that , in answer to the post question I would say the new Peterbilt and Kenworth since they share much more components than they used too and could be viable as would the Mack Granite and Freightliner Cascadia. I agree a B Mack would be a great choice for an older rig and I would say if Round2 really looked at it they could do some tooling revision and update several of their existing tools to bring them up to date , most of those trucks were run for long time!

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Hi, while the trucks would be great to have, old or new  something in-between, I thick that there should be a few new trailers added as well. There is a lot of construction and earth moving stuff that has not been looked at. But we have to buy it so show those in the suppliers it will be bought and more than once or twice by a small number of people. Gary

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22 hours ago, 65slotcar said:

easy, ford 2 story falcon


Yup!  Definitely.  Oh, I know people will say that it's east to modify the AMT Ford C900 cab to this, but I know I don't have the talent/skill to do that.

Yes, I also know that The Backyard Shed offered this cab in resin, but I heard mixed reviews about it, and the badging didn't look correct.

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On 1/27/2020 at 10:50 AM, iamsuperdan said:

What happened to the Moebius deck trailer with the spread axles? Wasn't that supposed to be coming out soon?


The last that I have heard Dan the flat bed (y'all north of the border seem to not call them what we do down here ?) is supposed to be 1st quarter of this year. That has been the firmest date I've heard of so far, but one Facebook group I'm in is that of a guy that buys kits direct and resells them just a little above cost and announces in his group when he can place orders for the new stuff most of the time, so if I see anything there when he's taking orders for them or he has a shipment coming I'll let you know. He usually has kits in before they hit the shelves, he just announced a couple days ago he has the Hideout Truck in this hands. 

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