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64 Dodge D100 Pickup Pro Street

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4 hours ago, wrenchr said:

Ahh hah...........wheres the pistons, crank and cam........................................ all this work it must run as well. ?

J/K amazing work, I look forward to your updates Francis!!

Thanks for the compliment Jim! Pistons and crankshaft might be done on my next built if I can convince myself to make an exposed engine out of the body.

Cheers, Francis

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19 minutes ago, Straightliner59 said:

Francis! Impressive work! I would love to use my mill, like you and Tim do, but whenever I begin to think about it, the order of work boggles my mind. I will get it figured out, but, I am  very right-brained--much more an artist than an engineer. My hat is off, to you, sir.

Thanks Daniel! You should just see the lathe and milling as an extension of your imagination. Most of these parts might be done by hands with just less accuracy but could be as rewarding. It's just an hobby and each of us must find there satisfaction at it's own way!  Cheers, Francis

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Hello to everyone!

Hope everything is going well to all of you and your relatives all around our mother earth!!!

I just want to share with you my last add-on to the hobby. I wanted for quite a long time making my own anodized aluminum parts so I bought all the equipment and supplies to do so and I want to show you my very first test. I polished a 0.250'' piece of K&S aluminum square rod and I did test the red dye, I'm very happy how it turns-out. The finish is very hard, scratch resistant and shiny and won't hide details as transparent paint. I also bought blue and black dye (product specialized for aluminum) so I will have some other options for my next parts where I want to add colors instead of raw finish.

I will post new pics of the progress on the engine next weekend.

Stay safe during these disturbing days, Francis


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18 hours ago, Sledsel said:

I have no words... I am still trying to absorb the quality of the craftsmanship going on here


Thanks Andy! I very appreciate your high praises on my build! I'm really devoted to this build and I still have a long way to go so feel free to come back anytime.  Cheers, Francis


18 hours ago, 2zwudz said:


Thanks for the thumb up Mark!

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8 hours ago, Codi said:

Sexy Francis.   You should share a bit more on the technique and products though.............just because I'm curious.  ?   Cheers, Tim

Thanks Tim! I didn't add much details because I found most of the technique on Youtube videos. Basically, you can do this with household products with the exception of hazardous and disgusting battery acid for the anodizing bath (I know that we can replace this by the PH- for swimming pool but I didn't test that yet). You need a power source so a car battery charger settled at 2 amps is sufficient but I purchased a variable DC power supply for more accuracy. You need plenty of distillated water and not tap water for all the operations. You can use cheap clothing dye available everywhere but results are variable according to what I read from different stories. I bought the aluminum dye on eBay but you can find everything from Caswell. I invite you to check online videos for the technique but on thing sure, your parts must be spotless (no problem here with you) to get a perfect result... really worth it!

Don't hesitate to send me a PM if you want more infos, I will be more than happy to help if you need.  Take care, Francis

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18 hours ago, mustang1989 said:

Continue to be blown away...…..AvGAq6.gif

Thanks Joe, your input and replies are always welcome!  Cheers, Francis


7 hours ago, landman said:

Are there any seats for spectators in your shop? ?

I always have a couple of old chairs behind me but they are pretty dirty and covered of dust from styrene, brass and aluminum... can't wait to add more dust with my airbrush... LOL.

Take care, Francis

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Hello everyone!

Today's update is for the engine heads. I wanted to improve them from the ones made for '70 GTX with more accurate details in the philosophy to try to ''always improve things'' on the next build. Since it's a drag racing truck I wanted to soup-up the engine with high performance parts so I tried to reproduce the Edelbrock Gen II racing heads (perimeter only as well...). It's very difficult to reproduce every nooks and crannies but I tried to make them as convincing as possible without going crazy since most of the details will be hidden on the final engine. I spent more than 50 hours on these heads so I hope you'll like them... As usual don't hesitate to tell me what you think about these, your input is very appreciated!

Be careful during these frightening days, Francis


Picture of Edelbrock Gen II HEMI heads (target pic found on internet).426Hemi_Head_GenII_5.jpg.697e3dc59eab8eeac7eb20c5f4ac25b8.jpg

Beginning of the heads machining. Both are machined face to face on the same aluminum piece in order to get them identical. The thin extra part that exceed is for the valve cover housing (Hemi valve covers are slightly longer than the engine block).106_Hemi_Heads_Progress_1.JPG.98e7dcb4596ef11dcc6fe4e7627c614f.JPG

Front heads details, a 0.093’’ aluminum rod will be inserted to create the extra material were the bolts (both ends) to mount the heads on the block are drilled.107_Hemi_Heads_Progress_2.JPG.ca69bddd6b90c54f5f74716cff9b6400.JPG

Aluminum rod inserted108_Hemi_Heads_Progress_3.JPG.10cba3741f0815b7280cfad429bdbefa.JPG

Different sizes of aluminum tubes added in the front to simulate the water plugs and attachment points. I also drilled the exhaust ports using a 0.080’’ drill bit.109_Hemi_Heads_Progress_4.JPG.679593130d227ffb122e43dd8249c0ae.JPG

Headers screwing points drilled using a 0.016’’ drill bit.  Note: HEMI heads have square ports but I didn't invest myself in that since they will be hidden behind the intake manifold and headers flanges.110_Hemi_Heads_Progress_5.JPG.66256191ef3328434f72b10d19e2c432.JPG

Closer view111_Hemi_Heads_Progress_6.JPG.6e29017b1e9118c6a4e3fe1d4c4b7b6f.JPG

Head separated from the other one and the details elements in progress on the other end.112_Hemi_Heads_Progress_7.JPG.e90faabad0664a0e0f930cd08e4aa960.JPG

Intake side on the vise to be machined at 10 degrees angle to match the block deck width. The Hemi heads are narrower at the engine block face and larger at the valve cover face.113_Hemi_Heads_Progress_8.JPG.c3391499916b4e8c849c2abd1e528a90.JPG

Hemi heads final.114_Hemi_Heads_Final_9.JPG.4430b6a7afac198823a462eea9afa583.JPG

Hemi heads final exhaust and intake view.115_Hemi_Heads_Final_10.JPG.b8c3c819e4e318c9c223ea66c680515f.JPG

Test fit (will be mounted on block using 0.031’’ copper rivets).116_Hemi_Heads_TestFit_1.JPG.75a32b91901a169bb4f3a4fa6cd8dc68.JPG

Test fit front view.117_Hemi_Heads_TestFit_2.JPG.e307757f5fa8142dd48e1fa23827d016.JPG

Test fit front view different view.118_Hemi_Heads_TestFit_3.JPG.1f342a51670f28f068d85f81e342e4c0.JPG

Test fit back view.119_Hemi_Heads_TestFit_4.JPG.379bec40a51b8b46d999be8746e50c20.JPG

Test fit side view.120_Hemi_Heads_TestFit_5.JPG.1ee53a0b7b7fc50e2095795920cf7a7f.JPG

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4 hours ago, afx said:

I've been following Francis, very impressive work.

Thanks for following JC!  Always welcome!  Cheers, Francis


4 hours ago, Scott8950 said:

Everytime i come back im blown away... wow 

I'm glad for keeping you entertained again Scott!  I do have so much ideas for this build that I'm afraid about the deadline to deliver that thing... I will try to reason with myself!  Cheers, Francis

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3 hours ago, crazyjim said:

You should make molds of all the parts you're creating.

Jim, you're absolutely right but I don't have any experience with mold making for resin parts. I would be forced to simplify some details (or omit them) to make parts removable from the mold because they are full of holes and undercut areas.  Furthermore, I heard that ''some not too shy guys'' have made copies the hard work done by others and I would be angry if something like that happened to me... Thanks for the suggestion anyways, I consider this as a compliment!  Cheers, Francis

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As always Francis I've learned some new things & I like the different techniques/approaches you're using.  As an aside, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY concur with your sentiments in replying to CrazyJim.   He brings up a good suggestion, but one cannot really appreciate what you're doing unless they've tried it themselves.  It certainly is not for everyone and to do what you're doing..............well, it's certainly unique and one of a kind.  You've got some real talents sir.  cheers, tim

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