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KENWORTH X 2 K123 & K100 Aerodyne

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These are real nice, My Friend... Excellent work... Excellent detail... Super clean... Especially, the fact that you did TWO of them... Truly some great work done... Awesome...

And, so sorry to hear y'all are back on lockdown... I hope you are able to stay safe... I'll be praying for you...

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Great build with a lot of beautiful details.

And yeah, it is interesting to put the 2 builds in 1 topic, I did this before with 2 Actros trucks, it saved me also time, and could I use this for building time.;)

For us, it is interesting to see the differences and similarities between these 2 builds.






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Thanks JT we are keeping safe, luckily we live out of town so touch wood!

Cheers for the comments Brian, Hermann and Bill, the K123 is almost finished, I was going to post some photo's but I cannot finish it completely as I ruined the grill by removing the chrome, I sprayed it with a chrome paint but then found that I could not paint the black in without messing up the chrome, only option now is to obtain an etched grill, I might still post some photo's but not of the front though, I finally got round to finishing the air intake caps on the K123 so that just leaves a little light weathering to do plus the grill.

Happy modeling guys

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Finally got round to taking some photo's today, so I can do a little update of progress so far, the K123 is almost there apart from the grill and some weathering, the Aerodyne is coming along slowly and might be difficult to complete without another kit as I nicked some bits off it to finish the K123. There is still more detailing to do on the chassis and the cab interior, and as usual the air intakes and exhaust stack's are not fixed yet, (last job) the fifth wheel and frame are also still to finish but I am getting there bit by bit.







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Thanks Haken, thanks again for posting those photo's they were a big help, though I did use some other reference video's as well which as a result ended up with a bit of a mish mash of different dashboard/cab interior's probably spanning 15 to 20 years of production, I am still working on the Aerodyne cab interior and finding things that I have missed but it is getting there.

 I wasn't going to post anymore photo's of the K123 until it was finished but it could be weeks or month's before I finally complete it as I need a new grill after ruining the kit one, so here are a few photo's of the nearly finished K123 in the mean time. 






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