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BRBO 2020 Triple drive White-Freightliner COE

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I decided to be brave and paint today in spite of the humidity. Heated the room to 86 degrees (which drops the relative humidity) and sprayed away. So far everything looks like it will be OK. I had to change the red I was going to use on the frame. My original color would not come out of the can. I has been 6 years since I used it last. Good thing I had an alternate that is close enough.



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My official end of January progress. Frame painted and dry enough to touch. Adding bits to it at the rate of 1 per day.

I hope to BMF the cab tomorrow. MAYBE even decal it. If I was brave I would clear it with Testors Wet Look clear. Since I do not want to take the risk I will brush on some Future acrylic instead.


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6 hours ago, tbill said:

Great colors! This is going to be sharp!

Thanks Tom. The box art for this and the lowboy it will be hooked to were both red. I got the pretty metallic red from the Duplicolor line at my local auto parts store.

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I spent most of the day Saturday applying the ton of stripe decals to my cab. Lots of finesse was required but it turned out pretty well. Good thing I had two sets as I strayed from the box art paint scheme and needed a bit more striping. I also wanted to make my own door decals so I put forth the effort to get exactly what I wanted. I hunted the internet for "outline" style fonts so that I could do RED fills on black outlined characters. I used the old school program MS Paint so that I can work in .bmp (bitmap) which doesn't have any file compression. While I have 6 or 7 photo manipulation programs but, MS Paint is the ONLY one which lets me reduce PRINT size without reducing FILE size. (When you reduce file size the resolution gets really crappy). I am so STOKED that I have finally figured out how to make virtually any decal I want. The only limitation I have now is the colors my injet printer can and cannot do.



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On 2/16/2020 at 6:28 PM, redneckrigger said:

Extremely nice work right there!


On 2/18/2020 at 6:26 PM, Vince66 said:

Yes that looks great 


14 hours ago, gotnitro? said:

Sweet work


10 hours ago, Tesla said:

What a great project!  I really like your choice of colors and the interior detailing is top notch!!

Thanks guys. It is coming along as planned. However, I brush painted on some Future and the drivers door didn't turn out well. I'll have to clean it off and try again.

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20 hours ago, JerseeJerry55 said:

WOW just beautiful work.


19 hours ago, blackbeard said:

wow I agree just beautiful work


17 hours ago, DrKerry said:

Looks fantastic so far!!! 


9 hours ago, Vince66 said:

Fantastic love the looks of this one.

Thank you all. :) It is starting to look like what I had planned. My best rig to date.

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