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Just when we thought that the Japanese gaudy-bling trucks were over the top . . .


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I know it's a diesel, but I find it hilarious that over 1600 cubic inches and 12 Superchargers and apparently nitrous makes sub 4000 horspower...

I'm sure the torque is astronomical, but still!

1 500 cube pushrod v8 and a single supercharger with no nitrous can make over 4000hp... 

That thing must be EXTREMELY mannerly as far as engine characteristics.

Despite the hideous aesthetic, the specs are far from impressive.

All in my humble opinion of course.

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Sold to the middle east...I guess that and the fact some spent that kinda money on a toy means they have money to feed it.! 

12 million could definitely be better spent.

The hp someone mentioned I think it is 2 8V92's which are 2 stroke...so would that make a difference?

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