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Resin 1977 and 1985 Lincoln kits.

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Just now, MrObsessive said:

Which ones were they? Mark VII, Town Car? ?

An '85 Town Car sedan and a '77 Town Coupe. 

On Facebook, I found out that a page named "Too Many Projects" is producing them. 

I've got one of his bodies already for a Ford LTD. The quality of the body, grille and bumpers are very nice, despite the lack of interior, wheels and glass. 


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Oh OK! I bought from this fellow before on eBay..........can't remember his user name right now. I got a '57 Buick Caballero body from him that is VERY well done and 3D printed at that!



And yes, I remember on his eBay descriptions that he would be coming out with kits in the future. As I mentioned, these I believe are strictly 3D printed.

Here's the Buick I got from him.............



Oh man, I gotta see about getting this '67 Marlin!! :wub:

He sure does VERY good work!

For those of you interested, here is his Facebook page. I know some of you don't like going there, but this is only place one can see what he has to offer at the moment AFAIK.

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By the looks of his pictures, his work is EXCELLENT. However, I won't buy from him unless he does full kits. He's said for years now that he would do interiors, but he hasn't yet. I'm not sure what his long term plans are. 

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5 hours ago, DukeE said:

Bill, where are the prices?

 He's got a friggin' Buick Y-job! I'm dyin' here

FB is weird in that you have to click on "read more" to get the whole story, which then opens up a new tab or window. If you go here, this is the page where he shows what his prices are. I would email him first beforehand as he does have a very tight schedule as he mentions on his page.

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