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Warning! Beware of shopping at Model Car World in Germany!

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Number 4 mentions EU protection. My point. Out of EU kills all those agreements until remade. There WILL be a gap. So Number 1 is incorrect. 

My advice, send it back, get refund not credit, and look elsewhere. Or continue to add drama to your life over a model. Not. Worth. It. 

Duly warned. 

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What warrants a bunch of posts all over the internet is that they conveniently left away the bit about replacement of the model being dependent on further purchases.

Imagine you receive a new toaster that doesn't work and the vendor tells you he'll only replace it if you also buy a microwave oven from him.


EU law is automatically ratified into national law of each and every EU member country and won't just disappear from national law of a country if it leaves the EU.

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It's frustrating, but I would cut my losses.  Return the defective item, get a refund.  Then, never deal with them again, and explain the situation to anyone you know who has thoughts about dealing with this company. 

I'm surprised they won't just replace the item.  While a happy customer might tell one or two people about their experience, an unhappy one will share theirs with everyone they know, and a bunch of others they don't know.

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