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Inquiring minds asked about about a pointer in a build thread

The pointer.


Seen alot of videos on Youtbe showing techniques and paint materials that builders use on the Gunpla. And was intrigued and wanted to see what the kits where like to assemble.

The pointer is from this Bandai kit.


The kit has optional parts to hold weapons etc. So borrowed one for a pointer.

This pic was taken during build process.












The level of detail and the engineering that goes into the injection molding is unlike anything ive ever experienced. Every part fits perfectly no glue and after built fully movable into many poses..







Detail is insane. All parts had Tamiya black panel line accent applied and cleaned up. After assembly and sticker application, an over coat of Alclad Klear kote Flat was applied.

It would be impossible for me to detail paint the figure, way too small.



Not what we do around here but thought id share after being asked about the pointer.

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whilst I'm not a huge Gundam fan, I can appreciate an awesome build and this is no exception. Those decals must have taken ages! On my phone, the red looked metallic for some reason but I still like the flat red. Overall, it's very nicely painted.

I have the Sniper kit and have been wondering the best way in which to approach the painting. I'd like to do a camo on him. Maybe some kind of splinter scheme

Anyway, you've done a great job on yours and it's inspired me to think about doing mine

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