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1/72nd scale gilligan's island diorama

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On 3/3/2020 at 11:18 PM, Vince66 said:



Turned out really great. 


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On 3/4/2020 at 10:54 AM, MrObsessive said:

Wow! This is the first I've seen this...............very cool! I'm feeling kinda old now as I can remember when this show came on as original episodes as a little kid. I thought I read somewhere that the original pilot of the show was a bit on the serious side and then they later decided to make a comedy out of it for the regular series. Some of the characters weren't the same actors from pilot to series either. Different Ginger IIRC and maybe a couple others.

Very neat job and yes, the B&W pic suits that first season very well! ;)

thank you and the pilot was serious but also had comedy in it  and  there was 3 different actors in the pilot that were recated and one was  givin new name  and all 3 had new  backgrounds for the show  one was bunny she was a secritary on vaycation she would become mary ann  summers a clerk from the general store in windfield kanas in the show  there was a ginger in the pilor but she was a secritary that worked with bunny she was not very nice and had a atitude  she became  ginger grant the movie star and nightclub singer in the series    and then we had a high school teacher  in the pilot which would be givin the name roy hinkley and would be a college professor and scout master in the series the other 4 charaters stayed the same both  name and back story from the pilot to the series  which is willy gilligan ,jonas grumby "the skipper" and thurston howell the 3rd and his wife euince "lovey" howell 

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On 3/4/2020 at 9:37 AM, ewetwo said:

Fabulous Michelle!


thank you 

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