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Jimmie Johnson 2013 All Star race....completed!

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Here are  pics. of my first 2020 finished build of Jimmie Johnson's 2013 All Star race Gen6. Revell snap kit with Pattos decals along with Powerslide goodies decals.














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14 hours ago, yellowsportwagon said:

Sharp man! I have a question. How are those Pattos decals to work with. They look nice.

I like Pattos. My first experience was a learning one. My first attempt was a full wrap build that went horribly wrong and had to start over. I learned a lot about using these decals from that. The quality is very good and they go on great. The layout is best worked when you break the decals down into smaller components for application. The reccomendation is to only use Future as a clear coat. I experimented with 2-part clear and it works great as well. Testors, Dupli-color and other clears like that; not so much. They will make the decals wrinkle substantially. If you decide on a scheme that has background color and you can paint it instead then simply order the decal without the background color and it makes it easier to apply. 

Here are others that I have done with Pattos. 

Jimmie Johnson Superman scheme. Full wrap and this is the one that I had to order a second set and start over.



Harvick Busch scheme. Ordered the decal without the orange background.



Kasey Kahne Pitch Black Mtn. Dew. Ordered the decal without the black background.


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Thanks man. I’m not into the newer stuff so the wraps aren’t a concern for me. As long as the quality is good. That’s what is important to me.

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Looks Great Wayne.. Well done. How are the quality of the decals ? 

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