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'50 Ford Show Boat


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It's time for a nice, simple almost-box-stock build, and the shoe box Fords always deliver.

Painted this last summer, in Testors Pure Gold and automotive clear.

The Carson top was made from the abbreviated custom top in the kit, and the soft top. I think it turned out the way it should have...

Comments always welcome.

50 ford 1.jpg

50 Ford 2.jpg

50 Ford 3.jpg

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I see what you mean. A couple of suggestions. The 1:1 continental kits usually had the spare tire set into the body extension. Think of the spare having say a third of its diameter below the top edge of the rear bumper. This may mean extending the bumper a little bit further back to drop the spare and lean it toward the body a little. The top edge of the continental kit should be even with the trunk lid.  You may consider redoing the rear bumper. Most of the 1:1 kits would have body colored sheet metal between the body and the bumper that would curve down on the sides. Most of them even used the stock bumper and used the sheet metal to cover the area between the bumper and the body. Another thought would be to look in the '53 Ford kit that has the faux spare option on the trunk. That was a precursor to the big add on continental kits.  

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