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77 Corvette progress


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Am working on this AMT 77 Corvette for a friend. I received the hood from mustang1989 here on this forum. And a set of wheels from GMCMAN52. They have helped me greatly. It am using can paint and a can lacquer clear. I don't get to build much or often so I don't have the skill of most of you here. I'm going to add seat belts, but basically stock. Having some issues with the exhaust, but will figure it out. Thanks for looking.



Corvette 3.jpg

Corvette 4.jpg

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Nice build so far, one thing that AMT made a mistake with on the model is that a '77 Vette did not have the vents in the rear deck behind the rear window.  I think that was a holdover from them turning the '76 into the '77.  My dad bought a '77 brand new from the local Chevy dealer, so I know that they didn't have those vents.  It's too bad that wasn't caught before paint.  I have that AMT kit and planning to build a replica of my dad's Vette, and puttied over those vents first thing.  It looks like yours will be nice when it is finished.

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