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Kenworth T900 Australia (Revell)

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Started building on this truck over 10 years ago and lost interest so it was just standing collecting dust.
But decided to finish it a few days ago.
Only things left to do is mudflaps at the 2:nd axle, taillights and markerlights at the front fenders.
The sunvisor for the cab was lost so i have to get a new one.

The paint is a base coat of gloss black and then Greenstuffworlds chameleon metal paint called evil green.
Was my first ever attempt at airbrushing to and i dont think i did that bad.
The pic,s that looks greenish and black are taken without any extra lighting, the ones that are purple and greenish is taken with an extra light

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It is actually both, there are parts in the kit to build it as a left handdrive and right hand drive.
Only thing is that if you want it as a left hand drive you have to paint and detail the left hand instrumentpanel yourself as the decal included is for the righthand drive.

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          Glad to see you resurrected this old build and finished her up. She looks great in the prism paint job .

And yes it does show up pretty well in some of the photos. Looks real good from here !


  Be Well


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