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Tony Nancy "Sizzler" FED


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Thanks Espo, it's the most detailed engine I've built since I got back into modeling a few years ago. I built one as a kid about 45 years ago but torched that one as I got older. This one should turn out better I think.


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Finished the wheels, frame and some other details tonight. Still have to un-mask areas on the frame where parts will be glued. One of the slicks that came with the kit was deformed as the photos show. Very lucky for me (and unknown to me until last month) my youngest brother saved one of the slicks from the first time I built this kit about 45 years ago. Unfortunately the rest of that original build was torched as mentioned previously. I stripped the paint off that old slick and repainted the lettering. Can you tell which was the original slick from 45 years ago?








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Engine looks great.  This has always been one of my favorite dragsters. Like you i have built it twice, once as a kid and once as an adult.  Naturally the second time turned out much nicer and it is sitting in a buddies garage with all of his other drag racing memorabilia.

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Making some progress. Got the chrome stripped off the radius rods and drag link and sanded smooth successfully without breaking them. I feared that I might snap the 11' long drag link while handling it. Molotow'ed most of them so far. Got  a lot of other bits and pieces painted and ready to go on. Seat and harness painted and glued to frame. Getting ready to paint the body panels soon. I think I'm gonna use Tamiya TS56 and TS98 brilliant orange and pure orange. Comments welcome.








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On 3/28/2020 at 7:08 PM, gtx6970 said:

Looks cool.


Just my 2cents.

But I would trim those boots where the plug wires at the dist cap down,,,way down

Thanks GTX. Initially I tried using shorter boots but the wires just wouldn't stay put in them with the 3 types of adhesive I had. So I resorted to the boots you see. 

I made some more progress today. Got the cockpit nearly done. Just have to add the throttle linkages to the scoop. Oil and fuel lines run. Yeah I know-the slicks rub against the body. The axle need to be at least 1/8'" longer.






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add slick clearance
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Super clean and precise building/paint technique on this, have always loved Tony Nancy’s cars and you are certainly doing one of his classics real scale justice. Have to say though, those 2 oil filters are just begging for a couple Fram decals!....That would really make them “pop” even though they are under the body work! Love to see little minutiae like that since you are doing such a beautiful job on this build!

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Thanks for the kind words Lee. I agree with you, little details like that make all the difference. I'll start looking for some Fram decals-I'll see if Hobby Linc has them. Of if you have another suggestion on where to look I'm all ears!



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