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AMT Ertl 1989 Pontiac Firebird TTA

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Finally done, after I got this model and noticed it was missing front windshield. I used all new windows from a MPC Knight rider kit. I also had to use the rear taillight from that donor model. The paint is Tamiya, testors, rustoleum. Only regrets are not trying to pull back the roof was crushed in. So, the front glass does not sit flush. Also, the instructions are awful. I don't know how the turbo down pipe hooks up to the catalytic converter. The rear wing is held on with hodge podge and also does not sit flat. Overall a good build, look for another thread soon.














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Really nice build, Vince.

I didn't know that the MPC kit could look so good, the box art certainly doesn't do it any justice. 

Might have to build one myself after seeing yours!

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Good work! I`ve built many of these kits and know how difficult they can be. 

Did the kit come with the "Pace Car" lettering decals for the doors?

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Yes, I know the issues on the 3rd Gen Firebird / Trans Am kits very well. But with the mood and patient you can get a pretty nice model. Your's looking good. I like it.

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