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slant 6 diesel?

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Slant 6 was supposed to be a joke. It is slanted, maybe a 4 or 6. No spark plug and the caption reads NCT-1000 Dodge Diesel Truck. It could very well be fiction, but looked interesting. The illustration came from a Swiss advertisement from 1961-62. I don't know my European diesels.

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Many of the short B.B.C. trucks had tilted 6 cylinder engines mostly Cummins (from what I've seen) but also Cat. I don't "think" that I've ever saw a 6-71 Detroit tilted as they are physically smaller and both the intake and exhaust can be on the passenger side.

As you can see on this 250 Cummins the engine mounts are made to tilt the engine:



Here is a couple of Louisville Fords that you can see the tilt of the engine:





Here's a Dodge:


Here is a tilted 3406 Cat in a Louisville, you can see how close the turbo is to the frame.




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The biggest reason for the tilt was to leave ample leg room for the driver. Many trucks were built this way including White 9000's, Ford Louisvilles.Dodges etc. Even the Ford LTL 9000 with it"s long hood was built this way (Italeri's kit is inaccurate). Some cabovers even had tilted engines. In Mack's case they took a different approach and offset the whole cab which also improved visibility as well. By the way the engine in the pictured Dodge is a Cummins.

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The Slant Six was proposed as a platform for a diesel engine to based-upon . Likely , the proposal was just that ; no known prototypes exist . It was likely dropped due to cost ---- but how cool would it have been to have the R&D followed through ? That engine's availability in Chrysler's A , B , F , M , or J platforms may've brought Chrysler out of bankruptcy in the 70's .

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