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Don Carlton Mopar Missile FINISHED


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Well, here’s the last one. Like the Flying Dutchman, I started this about a year ago. I followed a SA article, Kemp collection and then started parts hunting.  I finally found a Ross Gibson pro stock hemi engine and using that, a resin body and some fabrication, like the inner fenders, a pro street back half, I started. You could say this one and the Flying Dutchman fell under the “bring back your dead “. 
These, along with a few others were the last of started but incomplete cars I wanted to finish.  With that being said, I’ve decided to close up shop and retire from building.  Work,  Time constraints and other interests have consumed my time. Not to mention the cost! I’ve enjoyed all the great posts and seeing great work done on this site. I’ll still have to check out all the great models being built. 
I wish all of you good luck in your builds and wish you all the best.







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Very nice build Scott! This is exactly my kind of build and you done it right.

It's always sad to know that someone decides to leave this wonderful hobby and I hope you will have the opportunity to come back to it if your time permits.

There was hard time in my career that this hobby have helped me to overcome by reducing the stress and it was like a benediction.

Wish you all the best in your other projects.

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That right there is one very nice build Steve. Along with a lot of others who have responded on here it's sad to hear that such a good builder like yourself is leaving the hobby. With that being said, I am a believer in never saying "never". One can never tell when life's road will lead them right back to a certain point. I left the hobby in my early twenties, figuring that I'd long outgrown it only to return after recovering from alcoholism two decades later to use it as a calming device and to keep my mind busy. I hope that whatever you do that you have a great time, kick back, take life in and enjoy it all.

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Thank you Joe, you’re right...never say never. And it was for me a calming effect for a long time. Maybe I was just getting frustrated, with so much on my plate, and trying to catch up on builds. Either way, thank u for the kind words. I will have to keep watch on builds as they’re amazing to see.

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