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Orange Crate

Guy Beaudette

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3 hours ago, Mike Williams said:

The Orange Crate.  Probably three words that have defeated most older modelers.  Well it sure whooped me back in 1963 or so when it came out.  I wanted this kit like no other before.  Well, let me write, right along there with the AMT Double Dragster Kit....the Fiat!

After much research, I bought the kit last December, and had big plans for it.  Again, karma struck. It's on ice for now.

Then this one comes along.

I had to look often to see if it was the real car or the model.  Thank goodness for wooden table tops.  Only then could I comment, "this is the best model I've ever seen".

Still true.

The chrome finish just kills me, yet the slight wash on the rear brake backing plate is so subtle, they look correct.  Not a single flaw in my opinion.

To top things off, the front tires show some tread wear.

Still the best in my opinion.

Mike Williams,

Once again, thank you for the kind words.

Take care,


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23 hours ago, STYRENE-SURFER said:

Holy camoly ...

that is one beautiful looking crate!

that must have taken a great deal of patience/skill.


Well, I do have a lot of patience. To a fault I think. Skill? More like luck! LOL!! Thank you!


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22 hours ago, spike morelli said:

I love the detail in the "Zolotoned" inner body sections...….as was the real car. This is a very well done piece of art. Certainly , this is as perfect a job as most anyone can aspire to. I have this kit on my "to do" shelf, along with maybe 50 other kits. If I ever get to it, now I know where the "bar" is!

Spike Morelli,

The Zolotone was done with a section of a tooth brush, and acrylic paint.

Thank you,


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22 hours ago, mustang1989 said:

Dude...….this is serious. By the time you reply I will STILL be looking at this. Very neatly and meticulously done. First class/ rate stuff going on in this build. 


Still looking?? LOL!!

Thank you!


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My god ....?!?!?!?!

Just add some 1/25 scale fuel, and she would go !!! 

I "Wish" I had mad skill's like that.... you have set the bar way to high.

I know realize my tool's are rock's , and my kit's are just leaves and twig;s ........ I shall now go back to my cave, and hang my head.

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6 hours ago, Guy Beaudette said:

Hey Dan! Nice seeing you here!

Thanks bud!


There are a lot of excellent modelers, "out there". There is something about your work, that sets it apart. I can't describe it, but, there is a realism there, that I have never seen anyone else achieve--I mean, not even, say, Francois Ver Linden. I think a part of it, is that you have built models in many different areas. I mean, didn't you do a big, vinyl Godzilla figure? Anyway, I've been awed and inspired by your work, since I became familiar with it, back in the old SLM days. Oh, yeah! Then, there's the McLaren!

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 Like Dan Himmel, I remember this model from the old SLM days. I have these images saved on my computer for reference on "how it should be done". I agree completely with Dan's comments on your work. I'm so glad to see you share it here on the MCM board. An inspiration to any modeler who aspires to excel.

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Thank You for sharing this impressive build with Us here

I had also built one of these back in the day, not like Yours

I have since gotten another and am very eager to build this one in the same detail as You have 

Again, Thank You for sharing with Us hereLater


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