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If anyone has built the Revell (USA) Peterbilt 359 Snap Tite

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On 12/29/2020 at 9:54 AM, The Brush said:

Hi, Some great models on this thread, I built this Monogram snaptite Kenworth some years ago . I extended the sleeper  & used italeri hard plastic tyres, This is now on my rebuild list with a new set of wheels & tyres 

Just noticed this thread is about PB 359 my mistake.




Very nicely done.

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9 hours ago, JerseeJerry55 said:

Question where did you score the front visor from?

The cab visor is from Double Take Replicas. He’s not casting at this time, but modeltruckbuilder.com has a nice one in the store.

The bug deflector was borrowed from an older issue Italeri Peterbilt 378 kit. I’m not sure if the newer issues have it. It’s not a perfect fit, but in the spirit of an older truck with a lot of hand-me-down parts, it is if the owner got it off of a junk 378, and made it work on his 359.

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Here is mine - basically it is the snap kit #85-1506. I added the rear chrome plate of another kit and some wiring. This one was used to test the wheathering set by Revell and other stuff / techniques - but only under the hood.

Painted via rattle can. Nothing special.



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all very nice models - I've built the very first version in about 1983, then under the Monogram name - box stock, with the addition of a headache rack from amt's KW Alaskan Hauler to hide the tabs on the backside of the sleeper.



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On 12/27/2020 at 10:17 AM, doorsovdoon said:

Going on advice from sellers online I was told to start with a snap kit before getting into AMT stuff. After buying a couple of AMT kits recently and seeing the difference it was good advice! This is my first truck build which I did for my dad for Christmas. Awesome kit by Revell, the only thing I didn't like was the tyres. The sidewalls were a bit wrinkly in the box and they don't sit nicely against the rims, I had to use some canopy glue to hold them to the wheels, other than that, it basically go's together like Logo.

Model Truck Build 1.JPG

I agree on the tires. I actually got the idea to fill the inside of the tries with 3/8" backer rod from another member on the board. I found it an Ace Hardware. It's a foam material which comes in a 20' coil. It's similar in feel to packing peanut type foam. Pictures attached.



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