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'70 Monte Carlo lowrider


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1 hour ago, Foxer said:

Considering how much I hate painting, I bow down in awe of you!

Thanks man

painting has become my favourite part! I love playing with colours. I guess it's also the endless learning curve...it took me years to take the plunge and get an airbrush. I used to think I'd need a PhD in painting. Now I actually enjoy experimenting with it.

It's final assembly I hate. Very stressful. 

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Been working on the interior and chassis. I've since added shelf speakers and a club plaque.

 The interior does have some gold glitter parts, such as the centre console, arm rests and dash top. More apparent to the naked eye than the camera.




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Also chucked more clear on it, prior to a final wet sand and polishing. I got the rattle can clear quite warm, almost hot, by immersing it it hot water for a few minutes. This seems to minimise orange peel. On a single colour body I'd probably just polish this, but here you can see tiny height differences in the various layers, and that needs knocking flat before polishing.




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Thanks for the kind words and following the progress chaps.

final assembly was a bit tricky. Clamps, epoxy...you know the score..    some twisting in the body and chassis combined to make life hard, but that's model building!

under glass now

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