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HDT RV hauler Ford AeroMax 120

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I have been into all things mechanical for my entire life and I have had a love for RVs from the time I was a young boy. My family used to have several and we would go out in them every years. Lots of fond memories. I too have owned several RVs and currently have a 30ft triple slid Keystone bumper-pull I tow it with a Suburban. 

With my love of RVs I like everything RV related and even went to the RV Museum in Elkhart IN this last month. While watching YouTube I have seen several videos of what they are calling HDT RV haulers. Heavy Duty Trucks, Class 8 trucks that are being converted to tow 5th wheels or large trailers. Several I have seem include a spot to put a Smart Four2 on the back. 

I am going to use a Revell/Italeri Ford AeroMax 120 as my start. This is a dream build and not a copy of anything I have seen. More of a combo of everything I have seen. I may someday build a matching 5th wheel to tow behind it, but for now, its just the truck. The SMart car is a 1:24 scale diecast for sale on E-Bay. If anyone knows of a model kit of one, let me know, I could not find one. If it is all I can find, it will go on the back. 

Here is the idea and where I am at so far. 








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Great project idea. I share your affinity for everything RV related, I believe it’s a love passed down from generation to generation, as I’ve been camping since I was a kid. I’ve been to the RV museum too, and I was able to tour a couple manufactures while I was camping in Northeast Indiana a few years ago, including Showhauler. I have a E450 chassis class C, but of course, I’d like to upgrade someday to something built on a class 8 truck chassis. Until I can have a real one, building models of them will have to do.

For the Smart Car, Revell made a 1/24 kit that came out years ago. I’m not sure how rare they are, but here’s a pic. I can’t imagine the kit was very popular, but odd subjects sometimes fill a void, like in this case.


Anyway, good luck on this project, I’m certainly a fan that’ll cheer this one on.

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Its kind of a great idea for Full-time RVers. A new Ford/Chevy/Dodge in a 1 ton will set you back $60-90K for a diesel duelly. You can buy a used HDT for $50K with an Automatic and under 400K miles and it will out last any pickup truck by a long shot. 

Made some progress on the HTD RV. I have the engine and chassis finished for the most part and I am done with the interior. I have the body roughly assembled for a mock up. 

One of the biggest challenges with this was that I got this kit used from a fellow forum member and it did not come with any decals. Normally this would not be too big of an issue, but the dash is flat with no details and they used a decal. I had to rumage through my decal stash and try to find things that would made it look like it had a dash. I covered the surface with foil and then used what I had. As long as you don't get too close with a magnifying glass you won't be able to tell some of the details are not really from a dash. There is even an emblem in there from a Mini-Cooper. I wanted the interior to have a high end feel, so I added some details to the seats, dash and door panels. For fun, the normal Blue Oval that is on the grill will be replaced with a Peterbilt Red Oval. 

Anyway, here is the current progress. 






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Well as you can imagine with all the down time we all have I was able to make a lot of progress on this truck this weekend. I also worked on my 1:1 truck too, but that is a different forum.

My daughter is visiting from Oregon with her husband and we went to the store to get some stuff and we picked out a paint for the truck. Deep Jewel Green Metallic from Dupli-Color. I really like it and it works well with the interior colors.  

For the lower panels I painted them with a silver wheel paint. I wanted a 2 tone paint job, but did not want to mess with taping off the body, so this was the easy way. 

I had to modify the supports in the back of the lower panels so that I can add the rear deck. I needed to get the thing this far so I can see what I have to work with for a rear deck. 

And yes, that is a Peterbilt emblem on the grill of my Ford. 







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The combination of my ADHD and the Covid-19 keeping me from traveling, I have been bouncing around a bit on about 4 projects I have going right now. I decided to build the bed for the RV Hauler. 

I wanted it to look custom and have a fendered look to it. The top is covered with diamond plate and I plan to french in the tail lights. It is a tight fit around the tires, but its all good and I like the way it looks. 

I need to make the 5th wheel hitch next and it will be recessed into the back. 




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I made a little more progress. I cut down a 5th wheel plate and made it RV sized and then cut out the drop for it. I also added the cut outs for the tail lights, they will be small round lights. I still have some more filling and sanding, but it is getting closer. 

Next is to build a set of ramps and a tool box that goes behind the cab. 




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