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Chopping a 32 Ford grill

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What method and tools do you guys recommend to cut a 32 Ford grill and surround?  The surround seems easy enough because any joints can be filled in and sanded smooth but it seems the chrome grill could be difficult. Not only getting the seam not to show but also fit together with the modified surround. Also, keeping the cuts parallel. I've seen some chopped grills where it is difficult to see any splice where it was glued back together. I recently performed my first chop and channel job (about a 4" chop) on the Revelle 32 Ford 5-Window kit and so far so good. Thanks to plenty of reference material I found on this forum. And. again, your opinions and recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Fortunately, if I screw this up, I have the option to purchase a resin grill surround with a photo-etched grill pre-chopped.

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You are correct that the shell can be sectioned and glued / putties / sanded to shape.

For the center part I try to take the plastic from the top or bottom to keep from having a seam. Once cut, I will carefully sand the edges down until it fits

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