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Lizard Racing

Lizard Racing C-7R

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Just finished the Revell Corvette C-7R.  Instead of making it a replica of the all-conquering Corvette, I decided to do a fantasy car.  This is a C-7R that might have been purchased from Corvette Racing and used as a backup entry in the IMSA races.  Painted in Lizard Racing colors of white/blue, it shared most of the sponsorship the factory team had.  


Doing a non-replica model allows a bit more artistic license with colors; factory interior was all black.


The car carries number 14 (traditional Lizard Racing number) and Coca Cola sponsorship.  The number rectangle is put together from homemade decal and cut sections of the kit decal.



Here's a comparison of C-7R and C-5R Daytona winner.


Other Lizard Racing fantasies:  Corvette C-7R; McLaren/Offy Indy car from mid-70s; L88 Corvette from the early 70s; Austin Mini D Sedan from 70s.

Building models is like writing science fiction.  You can make things how ever you want; it's your universe.


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Outstanding build and finish George . I like the body dynamics and the scheme. Very nice indeed!!

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