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64 Chevelle Wagon Stock Class Racer


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First finished build of 2020. I love the variety of cars you find in the Stock and Super Stock classes. I came across this  EBay purchase back in 2011. It was missing chassis, tail lights, rear bumper, motor and trans, and hood. I kept watching EBay and eventually located tail lights and a resin hood. The interior tub, dash and seats were unpainted.
I had a 65 Chevelle wagon parts kit, which I sourced a lot of parts from. The body was in pretty good shape.There was a small crack at the wind shield, and a glue spot from a bubble gum flashing light that I repaired. 




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I really enjoy the simplicity of the old screw bottom kits, and wanted a simple fast build so detail is limited to paint and decals.

I filled the back up lights on the 65 rear bumper, as the 64 has them combined in the tail lights. I stripped the chrome off the front bumper and grille. I painted the front grill flat black, masked the grill and then air brushed Molotow on the bumpers. I then used their pen to detail the grille, Tamiya clear orange to the turn signals. 
I sanded and polished the original kit glass, it came out very nice to my surprise. 





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After searching color combinations, I finally decided to go with White for the exterior and Blue for the interior, I wanted something other than the black, white and red that are so popular. The Gage decals are from EBay,  and the seat belts are from the parts box. 



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I used the engine and chassis from the AMT 65 Chevelle Wagon kit, drilling out the holes in the chassis for the screw bottom, and detail painting them both.

After painting the body, I Bare Metal foiled the trim, added the sponsors decals, added the battery, washer bottle and upper radiator hose, and screwed it all together. I still need to clean up a couple things and try lettering the Chevrolet letters on the hood and gate. 







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A man after my own heart on several counts.  First is my love for first gen Chevelles (especially the '65), second my love for Super Stock/Stock drag racing, and third is long roof racers. This one is a real beauty and so reminiscent of those glory days of drag-racing. The white paint job just adds to the overall realism of this build.  Love it.

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I am currently building a 1965 Chevelle wagon (amt surf wagon kit) replica of my first chevy race car (283 super stocker in the mid 70s).  The instructions do not say anything about it but there is a tailgate panel on one of the sprues that covers up the rear screw holes in the interior.  Take a look.

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