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Black window trim???

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If this is for the trim around the windows that is to represent the black rubber that is holding the glass in place you have several options. You could use brush paint in different shades of gloss  black depending on the effect you are trying to accomplish.  Masking the trim and spray paint the area, but this would require a lot of masking. There are several paint pens on the market that could be used. At one time Bare Metal Foil offered a black foil for this type of detailing. I remember some mentioning that the black coloring could easily be damaged and even removed while installing so extra care would be needed if you use that.  

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41 minutes ago, 2zwudz said:

Is that a gloss or a semi gloss black???

Semigloss/Matte. Note that Testor also has a "semigloss black" in the little bottles but it is NOT the same thing, unfortunately. 

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9 hours ago, Jim B said:

Never heard of Black Chrome Trim paint.  Might just have to look into it.  I've been using a black Sharpie. Seems to work. 

I recommend it highly. It is semi-gloss but it leans a bit towards gloss. It lays down pretty well if you don't stroke it too much. It also covers pretty well. I have had black Sharpie fade to purple over time even without sunlight.

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