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Resurrecting a project started in January 2003, based on the very nice Hasegawa VW Microbus Type 2 kit.  I had left over parts from building a Fujimi Porsche 911 Slantnose Turbo kit-bashed with the Tamiya 911 Speedster.  Made it this far without taking digital pictures of the process, so the run-down of what was done:

Opened all doors, front doors are suicide with doubled-acting wire hinges.  Made new panels using epoxy putty, which warped the doors so need to fix that.
Side doors are also double-acting wire hinges. I'm reconsidering the hinges since I have discovered fusee chain, used on the Ferrari N.A.R.T.
The engine lid for the 911 grill replaces the original access, no engine detail inside.
Slanted back the windshield, re-profiled the roof using epoxy putty.
The spare tire cover that was inside, is now under the front.
Adding the third brake light, like it was taken from a Ford Econoline van.
Reason for changing the window number, added two more of the Safari windows at the back, thus 25 Window.  Adding the Porsche roof should revise to a higher number, depending on what I do with the side glass.

Porsche parts:
Have used the headlights, turn signals in the bumper, door mirrors, dash, seats (back seat is modified with a similar cushion pattern), Fuches wheels and Pirelli tires, and engine bottom.  The Speedster had 3 seats, one was laid back for under the cover, separated and hinged so it's adjustable, and Captain swivels, and can be taken out.  The dash has been modified to fit, have 3 pedal arms ready for photo-etch pads.  The exhaust is modified using copper wire, will redo the tips using stainless steel tubing.  The shifter console has a second parking brake that is intended to lock the front wheels, for showing off with burn-outs.  The roof is from the Fujimi Slantnose project, I had been debating what to do for the roof, didn't really want to do the canvas fold/sliding thing, so this will become a carbon-fiber unit similar to a Westfalia camper unit.

First thing to do is fix the A-pillars and the one B-pillar that are broken, reinforced with wire (as I did for the Ferrari N.A.R.T. Spyder windshield frame).  One thing that stopped me, was knowing the giant VW emblem was going to cause problems for painting, have made resin copies, will grind off, problem solved.  Designing a cool looking interior cabinet along the side with an awesome sound system, I have no clue about that stuff so need to research, have speaker grills and mesh salvaged from electronic devices.  The interior needs window framing, can't just stick the glass in, so that will be new pieces, thinking of covering with carbon-fiber decal, might hinge some of the side windows.  The back windows have the cage protectors, the kit has decals which would look really cheesy, so will *have to* make from wire, the back seat has wire too.  Needs a steering shaft/box added.  Have the crazy idea to use LED lights that came in junk mail from car dealers, with fiber optic runs to lights, very ambitious and crazy. ?  I have a Coke cooler to put in now. ?

Since I finished three projects recently, I couldn't let the dust settle. ?  Will be thinking of a nickname......

Pictures taken long ago:

When I got inspired with the LED lighting idea:

When I was casting RTV and resin, used up some rubber:

After finishing the '69 Chevy pickup, cleaned up the bench (I know, hard to believe):

The latest idea, the Westfalia camper style roof.

The interior:

This little monster is getting finished! ?


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23 hours ago, iamsuperdan said:

You definitely have my attention!

Most excellent project so far!

Uh oh, have a Moderator's attention, no pressure here. ?

22 hours ago, Tom Geiger said:

Cool Kurt! You are in a roll for sure!

I know, right?  When the bug bites, it's deep!

3 hours ago, afx said:

Love what you have done with the bus. Curious how the 911 roof section will blend in.

Thanks.  So when I ponder such a project, I don't keep track of time, because it's usually when I'm going to sleep.  I think using the canvas section (leaning against the box) for a frame, cutting the center out, cutting down the A-pillars, removing the side glass pillars, is the plan.  May have to shorten the length too.

32 minutes ago, espo said:

This should be a fun build. The roof ideas sound interesting. 

You know it! ?

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Tom and Craig side discussion is interesting!  Pictures would help.

3 hours ago, gotnitro? said:

Very interesting project 

Really like all the small details you've added , ad the roof section looks possible 

Thanks!  Anything is possible, with enough time, glue and putty.

2 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Lots to like here.

I was seriously thinking of doing a 911 swap into my old doublecab way back when, but she got away during a rough spot in life.

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Thanks for pulling up a chair.  Don't we all have shoulda coulda woulda projects?

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6 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Oh man ..this is looking fantastic Kurt !

Thank you!

First order is to fix what's broken.  I used Testors glue and liquid cement when I built this.  I was also using automotive glazing putty, had a giant tube and used about 2.5% of it, before it got wasted.  When I started working on it, broke the sill, so had to start by super-gluing that with steel backer.  Used guitar string wire for the structural support behind the A-pillar.
Broke off the other A-pillar, got that wire in.

Discovered the sill under the side doors was warped outward, so cut some steel salvaged from an electronic device frame.

The 911 roof is marked for sectioning.   Ground/sanded off the VW emblem.
Used the equivelent of a torch, the hot-wire, to cut apart.

Lots of superglue and baking soda to glue together, and opened the canvas lid.

Need to engineer the hinge and hydraulic struts next.

So guess I should say it's a 29 Window Bus now.

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2 hours ago, Russell C said:

Non-turbo. Brick shaped vehicle now with additional drag on the roof.



? Room for a nitrous tank in the back.

My OCD kicked in, wasn't happy with the top.  I didn't think about rotating the glass 180 degrees, to have it taper up.  The side windows would have hung out, just not a clean execution.

Cut apart all the glue joints, sectioned some more, and re-assembled.  Also recontoured the side windows, didn't see the need to go to a sharp point, and matches two Safari window lengths like I planned it.

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8 hours ago, espo said:

Amazing body work. 

Thanks, I'm getting better at it, thanks to superglue and baking soda.

Was hoping to start painting something today, but I usually take a picture of everything laid out before doing that.  Worked on the front doors, fitment has something to be desired still, but when the doors are open it won't matter, will it?  Added K&J Magnetics Neodymium magnets in the door, and steel plate on the dash.

Made the hydraulic struts, wasted some of the steel tubing in the process, had two done, but when I was about to put the second unit in the body, it would not pull out, superglue got inside and stuck the ram, so wasted a whole unit. ?  Anyway, the engineering worked out.

Smashed the ends of the paper clip.  No way I can drill steel with a tiny bit, glue on plastic blocks for that.

The hinge is 100 year-old fusee pocket watch chain, scribed grooves in the top, simply goober glued to roof (will cut out when ready to paint).  Closed position:

Will be very happy when I make another strut.

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13 hours ago, CabDriver said:

Absolutely outstanding work - really inspirational!

One question - what kind of car dealership sends out mailers with LED lights in them?  Sounds useful! ??

Chevrolet dealer in Prescott does well, people come up from Phoenix (according to their ads ?).  The hook is you pull a tab, numbers show up which just happen to match the card, so you go in and get a chance to win keys or whatever.  I never bothered. ?

Oh, thank you.

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Improved the back door hinge, I was never happy with the single wire double acting pivot, did not stay open, just a pain to close.  Of course the original door is hinged on the top, I wanted to be different.

Used the fusee chain, scribed grooves in the door, stuck in with superglue and baking soda.

Focus is now on the interior, specifically on the cabinet along the side.  Thought a little table would be nice, wanted it to stow out of the way.  Made the hydraulic strut from brass tube and paper clip.  Hammered the top of the support on the anvil, scribed a groove under the table top, so it can slide out a little.
The Captain chair needs the hinge fixed, but you get the idea.

Now I need to make a cubby for the nitrous tank.  Also need to start thinking about the speakers.

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I know what I've done on this build so far, but am surprised just how much!  Without using superglue no less.  Adding smaller details, such as a nitrous bottle, and every vehicle needs cup holders.

Brush painting Tamiya primer on the putty areas, which helps find tiny holes.

Since I used up the last magnets.....

It's a little soon to do this, but wanted to mock up a speaker, since this project will use all but 2 of the Detail Master speaker grills.  Drilled corresponding size holes in a Corian block, to press wine bottle foil into.  Punched a mylar silver sticker for the cone.  I just hope after painting the grill black, this detail will show up.

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Magnets added to the engine lid.  Started with two on the top, but saw that it was not closing completely.

Put two at the bottom too.  Used coffee can steel at the corners.

A bit sloppy getting the holes drilled, but superglue and baking soda are my friend.

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