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Not sure if this will get the pics in,,but its AMT Kenworth 123 Cabover,,lets see if it loads pics,,,,ok it worked,,cool.  Anyways,,now that our state has been shut down   I ,,got back to building  ect.  This kit had alot of issues as far as fit + fitment,  the hinge for tilt cab was really  weak,,so I just made it a lift off style.   and some other stuff,,,but overall  it worked out ok. I used Testors spraycan enamel,,and valspar hardware paint for chassis,,hand painted everything else,,and since this is the 1st  big rig Ive ever built,,I mostly do cars+bikes,,it was a neat experience to build a big rig.   Keep on Truckin!





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Thanks guys,,I got this at Ollies  for 20$,,new,,and Id never done a truck model like this.  I drive a Kenworth T-370  cab/24 bx truck at work ,,and was hoping I could find something like that out there,,didnt see one,,but this ones fun.  @ 72 charger,,yes your right  ,,the air tanks do go below,,but I kindof like the way they look on top,,just have to make sure I dont hook up a trailer that extends too far forward!  lol  Build On !

21 hours ago, 72 Charger said:

Nice work but just to let you know your air tanks should go under the chassis not on top


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Thanks you all,,I would like to do more trucks,,I do have the Tyrone Malone drag truck to do soon,,so well see what that entails. I was looking at the box art/pics,,the paint job will surely be a challenge  thats for sure.  Looks like a fun one to do though.Thanks again,,,,S

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